Tony Sarantopoulos

„If you can dream it, you can do it.“ *
This quote has been the common theme in Tony's life for a long time. When a burn-out demanded his attention a few years ago, he went on a trip around the world, gathered many different experiences and impressions and transformed his burn-out into a burn-in, with the help of alternative healing methods he encountered along the way.
Tony's awareness and belief ever since: He loves his life and lives his dream. His motto: Let go of what has previously made you unhappy and only do what makes you happy. As a believer in permanent paradisiac states, Tony provides us with one thing above all through AGAPE ZOE – courage ... to live a self-determined, conscious, loving & liberated life.

The dream: Creating a place of mindful encounters and an homage to love (Agápē) & the good life (Zoé). The AGAPE ZOE Healing Arts Festival was born with regular WE festivals in Berlin and Hamburg. And once the annual AGAPE ZOE Summer Festival on the Greek island of Corfu had been established, another international destination soon followed: the AGAE ZOE Koh Phangan Holistic Gathering in beautiful Thailand.

As a passionate host with Greek roots, Tony knows how to bring people together and give them a platform for diverse encounters and (self-)healing. AGAPE ZOE Festival is Tony's invitation for all of us to EXPLORE our very own of many ways to ENJOY life and BE conscious. You can contact Tony here.
*Borrowed from Walt Disney

Anika Studenroth

© Kanzler Photographie

With lots of experience, foresight and empathy, Anika manages all things essential in front of and even more so behind the scenes of AGAPE ZOE: Here, she rocks the whole administrative load all the way to sending out festival tickets. She also overlooks the festival cash desk & check-in procedures. Nothing can faze her, and her smile is immediately contagious. Always optimistic and full of energy, she sets processes in motion and keeps them running, even when everything around is upside down. Also, in previous positions as head of editorial department, academy lead or project manager, she has always kept an eye on the big picture and excelled in managing background structures, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

She first came in touch with AGAPE ZOE as a volunteer at the Corfu Summer Festival 2018. Her enthusiasm and strength in implementing processes quickly fell on fertile ground in Greece. Thus, ever since she unfolds her practical and creative side as part of AGAPE ZOE’s core team. She keeps grounded and in the moment with lots of yoga and meditation – our “organization angel” within the dream team!

You can contact Anika here if you have any questions regarding ticket purchases.

Vera Jakoby

Greeting, hugging, listening, connecting, looking out for others, and holding space ... since 2017, Vera has been swarming through the AGAPE ZOE cosmos with much emotion, always foresightful and thinking outside the box. It all started as a volunteer at the first ever Corfu Summer Festival, and since then, she has been the smiling face of the welcome desk & check-in at festivals and gatherings, she co-hosts the opening & closing ceremonies, looks after the workshop leaders, team & participants during the events, and is “just always there”.

Being the creative word factory she is, and with her professional background as a copywriter, translator and editor, Vera also creates content for the AGAPE ZOE newsletters, flyers, and website. Besides that, she’s busy doing what she does best: spreading love & attention, lending an ear & a shoulder, finding solutions, twirling around with a helping hand, and holding the tribe together – as tribe mama & space holder, full of joie de vivre & soulfulness, empathy, and with an infectious laugh.

Alena Ringelmann

© Kanzler Photography

Alena has been working for AGAPE ZOE in the social media department since 2019, and mainly feeds our Instagram & Facebook channels with all the updates about our festivals & gatherings. In addition, as graphics support, she adds her creative spark to some of our flyers and marketing material.

When she visited the AGAPE ZOE Festival in Berlin for the first time, she found exactly what she had been missing in Berlin: a wonderful power place with great people, where so much happens and everyone can just be. Exactly the type of slow movement that is often neglected in our fast-paced world, especially in big cities.

As a yoga teacher and media scientist, Alena deals with the intersection & connectivity of media and spirituality. In addition, she is busy travelling and deep into the practice of Ayurveda and meditation.

Olivia Wellensiek

Olivia is the creator of visual communication and design within the AGAPE ZOE team. As a trained media designer for digital and print media, she is responsible for the visual appearance of the AGAPE ZOE Festival.

However, Olivia has not limited herself to one design discipline – she conceptualizes, advises, photographs, collages, films, illustrates, layouts, programs etc. for environment, culture, and body work content – depending on the need, communication channel and means. What counts is the person as well as the content, product and message that wants to be conveyed.

Olivia is on a journey to explore and unleash her potential to create healthy connections between people and nature. She is currently directing all her energy towards a project that affects us all. She strongly believes it's high time that we finally find our way back home to ourselves (again) – and lead our world back into a healthy system. We are excited and wish you the best of luck!

Julia Fiehler

As an energetic all-rounder, Julia has been a permanent member of the AGAPE ZOE team since 2020. With many years of experience in event and project management, she primarily focusses on communication with the healing artists and volunteers as well as on keeping our website up to date.

Her constant thirst for inspiration and personal development has made her roam the vastness of our earth many times. From trips to Southeast Asia or Central America, she not only returned spiritually enriched, but also as a certified yogini and Ayurvedic nutritionist. And not only does she like to share her energy, but it is also wonderfully contagious.

You can contact Julia here if you have any questions about volunteering or the website.


Amina Papadopoulos

As a wonderful whirlwind, Amina brings new inspiration and structures to the AGAPE ZOE cosmos with her true zest for life. After six years as a loyal volunteer, since 2022/23 she has now been taking over the organization of the volunteers and in parts the artist support with full commitment, she also supports website to dos and enriches further AGAPE ZOE projects with her ideas. Organization, coordination, the warm contact and above all the Greek sun have Amina perform at her best.

After traveling around South America for a long time, plus learning and living there with shamans, Amina is currently back in Berlin. Her work as a freelance physiotherapist, coach and meditation teacher forms the foundation for her current life, which also includes tattooing and energy treatments.

You can contact Amina here if you have any questions about volunteering.


Tobias Keller

As a yoga teacher, transformational facilitator, management consultant and trainer, Tobi is a true connector of worlds. At AGAPE ZOE, he takes care of the volunteers and, together with Anika, oversees ticketing, ever since he fell in love with the AGAPE ZOE SUMMER FESTIVAL on Corfu as a volunteer in 2022. He has already gained experience in organizing and running his own festivals with the Anahata Festivals in Brandenburg near Berlin.

From his travels and life as a digital nomad, he brings curiosity, ease, excitement, and growth into his own life and that of others. With seminars and courses, Tobi loves to create a space for people in which everyone can experience and discover themselves with full curiosity and individually. At work, he deals with change processes in change management projects as well as with the qualification and training of employees, through which he has developed a very strong presence and sovereignty.

Eleni Kyprioti 

Elena Kipriotis is passionate about capturing the essence of the moment through a sensitive and feminine interplay of light and her camera lens. Her etheric sense of seeing allows her subjects to see themselves as if for the first time through private photo sessions or professional images for promoting one’s work digitally or on paper. Elena is from the island of Corfu and studied photography and digital graphic design in Athens, where she lived and worked as a photographer for 13 years.