Our partner for tree donations and a future worth living!

We can all do many small and big things for a better world every day. Everyone can make a contribution.
For this we offer a possibility: Be a part of it, join us, plant a tree!


It is no coincidence that in times of (climate) crisis people come together, show solidarity and connect their hearts. If nothing works anymore, then we start to believe. As the saying goes: Faith dies last.
At the moment it seems as if many people have forgotten that we humans are connected with nature, that we are part of one big thing, that we are all one, namely life on planet Earth.
We find the climate crisis is not only an ecological crisis, but also a crisis of humanity, a crisis of consciousness.
The good news is that crises release energy for transformation. We can now become more aware of the environment again and the remembrance of this connection has already begun, because you are reading these lines right now.


"How do we save our future now?"
One answer to this question is spirituality, because environmental protection begins with consciousness.
We wake up, our collective consciousness increases. All this happens because it has to happen. Right now, right now, right you and right us - divine timing!
We, the AGAPE ZOE, are with much joy part of this social transformation. The Healing Arts Festival touches people, opens hearts and celebrates love for life! For every life, for every living being, every plant, every beetle, every human being and every tree. We are all part of this wonderful world.


It's NOW time to act. It is NOW time to stand up for the love of life. It's NOW time to wake up and BE CONSCIOUS. Not only for embedding CO2 and hugging after a stressful day, trees are super. Shinrinyoku", forest bathing, is a recognized healing method in Japanese health care. We would like to work for the preservation of the forests. After extensive research, discussions and a greenwashing check, we have decided on a partnership with the GREEN FOREST FUND.

Here are the most important reasons for the GREEN FOREST FUND:
- They create the native virgin forests of tomorrow. Jungle in Germany? Are you wondering? Yes, exactly. A jungle is an original forest that is not influenced by humans. Nature is allowed to do what it wants.
- It's not just about planting trees somewhere, somehow. The GREEN FOREST FUND takes care that regional varieties are allowed to grow as long as possible.


You, too, are committed to the preservation of an intact ecosystem and a future worth living.
Support the GREEN FORREST FUND and support nature.

- Give away a tree!
- Donate to the GREEN FOREST FUND Association
- Become a sponsoring member and contribute your own ideas
- Spread the word! Share this info with your friends

Social change can only be brought about through joint commitment. The beginning of community begins in the heart of each and every individual.

We thank you. We thank you very much for your trust and courage.

Love & Light