15 + 16 August 2020

9:30am until 10pm – EDEN***** Studios, BERLIN Pankow


LA LUNA – a weekend of full immersion onto a feminine path. We welcome you in the beautiful location of Café Eden Berlin, where we will offer this special and unique Gathering. Your feminine soul can be enriched during these 2 days with the different impulses that our precious program offers you for your body, mind and soul.

LA LUNA – holistic practices offered by gorgeous women who have been waiting for you to join & support a new feminine consciousness. Experience and re-discover the union of body, mind & soul as a woman.

LA LUNA – an abundant mix of BODYWORK & DANCE, VOICE & MUSIC, TALKS & WOMEN CIRCLES, PURIFICATION & EMPOWERMENT, MYSTIC OF WATER & MOON … indulge in the fullness of yoga, song, movement, tantric teachings, concerts, poetry, circles, sweat lodges, meditative walks and more!

IT IS TIME to share, vibrate, dance, sing, move your body and fill yourself with life, to breathe immunity, to breath in your Femininity.

BE part of La Luna Gathering and the group of powerful Women who are waiting for you to go deep and grow as sisters.
BE in your essence and share yourself & your gifts with the world. Let's say & shine : Here we are!

All ages, all beliefs, no stereotypes – just BE a woman and feel welcome.


A large team of musicians, healing artists & workshop givers rise to the unique quality and authenticity of each gathering – full of heart, awareness & acceptance. More than 14 workshops with YOGA, DANCE, MUSIC, INNER WORK & much more will await you once again at the dawn of this new year at the paradisiac city oasis in Pankow. 2 days with workshops, self-reflection, realignment, encounters, stillness – a place of comfort, full of laughter and soulfulness, providing much time and space FOR YOURSELF!

We look forward to coziness, community & colorful inspiration for 2020!


BODY Juana Lucia Ramirez - Dance your GoddessSarah Honisch - A simple touch of Tantra, Anne Durmaz - Tanz der Hormone / Hormonyoga & alternative Heilkunde, Luz Lomeli - Yoga as Medicine, Luz Lomeli - Ecstatic Dance DJ SetEliane Hutmacher - Deine Brust - Quelle deiner Lust

MIND Mathilde Roesch - Women and wild herbs, Juana Lucia Ramirez - Women Circle "Moon Wisdom", Ute Schechtel - „The Art of Circle Talk & Sisterhood" – Collective Resources & the Medicine of Community", Julia Wunderlich - Frauenkreis "Unsere Ahnen"

SOUL Sian Petra Lang - Celtic Sweatlodge, Kady Taylor - Sound Healing & Activation, Anjuna Sa Ran - Women for a new Earth,

Welcome dear sisters to a beautiful re-union!



The Tickets are limited and can be purchased online here.

EARLY BIRD Festival ticket available until 31.07.2020: 111,- EUR (plus fees)
FESTIVAL TICKET regular available until 16.08.2020: 127,- EUR (plus fees)

You can buy your ticket at the box office for 127,- EUR (plus fees).

Buy your Ticket online here




Our gathering takes place at a magical spot – in a charming villa amidst a wonderful, lucious garden in the heart of Berlin. Together, we create a vibrant oasis in which you can refuel, get inspired and just let go.

For many years, the EDEN has been an true institution when it comes to dance and movement. With 5 studios, 2 villas and rooms ranging from 9-300 sq m, the location presents ateliers and production spaces for all branches of the arts which serve as a plattform for new, genre-crossing artistic development and exchange. Movement and a continuous renewal process – initiated by people of different generations, bringing a wide range of topics to the table – interweave and flow through the whole space. They are the reliable, deeply-rooted foundation, providing support in an ever-changing, increasingly busy and confusing world. The LA LUNA gathering spread throughout both the large (300 sq m) studio with floor-to-ceiling windows in the new building and the 150qm studio. The beautiful old building contains nestled quietly on the second floor – rooms for the therapists and healers to offer bodywork and massage sessions. If the weather is kind, the garden area becomes part of the festival and a bazaar will take place.

EDEN***** Studios 
Breite Str. 43
13187 Berlin


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