AGAPE ZOE Koh Phangan


09th - 14th March 2019

JARAN'S Yoga, Wellness and Eatery, Koh Phangan, Thailand


Jaran’s Yoga, Wellness and Eatery, a multi-faceted tropical oasis cultivating health, wellness, sustainability and community located in the heart of Koh Phangan. Jaran’s brings together yoga & lifestyle, a workspace with a healthy eatery and a new community base.
An outstanding premier open-air yoga shala with breathtaking panoramic views of the majestic mountainous surroundings forms the heart of our AGAPE ZOE Kho Phangan HOLISTIC GATHERING, creating a sacred, energetic and healing space for 5 full days of celebration, community, joy and happiness.
Immerse yourself in the most magical flow of love, life and connection – flow in your very own divine balance, experience bliss through new inspiration, new friends and new ways of movement. All to discover that at the end of this transforming exploration,
you’ll find that you have come home – to yourself.


JARAN'S PHANGAN Yoga, Wellness and Eatery
82 Moo 5, Koh Phangan, Suratthani 84280 Thailand


Imagine yourself arriving on the magical island of Koh Phangan – leaving your day-to-day routine far behind. Soak up rays of sunshine, feel the warm tropical air on your skin and experience the full splendor of island beauty, greeting you with a welcoming &
heartwarming smile. Discover a luscious island, teeming with nature’s abundant tropical breeze, rolling mountains, sparkling blue ocean waves and crunchy crystal quartz beaches.
The mystical island with her strong and sacred energy is known as a spiritual epicenter for balance, healing and manifestation, attracting many healers, shamans, yogis and seekers.


As AGAPE ZOE Kho Phangan - HOLISTIC GATHERING is happening during the peak season of the year, we highly recommend that you book your flights and accommodation as early as possible.

Koh Phangan doesn't have an airport.

There are a numerous ways to get to Koh Phangan, depending on your port of entry and travelling budget. The nearest airport ist Koh Samui Airport.
Another option is to fly from Bangkong Dong Muang Airport with Nok Air or Air Asia to Suratthani Airport. A shuttle bus will bring you to Donsak Pier, from where the ferry will leave to Tongsala Pier Koh Phangan. The journey from Surrathani airport to Koh Phangan will take 3,5- 4,5 hrs.

Overnight sleeper trains are a good way to travel budget, comfortable and enjoy the train experience.

An overnight bus journey from Bangkok to Koh Phangan takes around 12 hours.
All buses and trains stop in Suratthani town centre, where you will be provided with a connecting bus to the appropriate ferry pier enabling you to continue your over-sea journey to Koh Phangan, approximately three and a half hours away.
Find more info here.

From Koh Phangan you can arrange all your travel requirements, with travel agents providing booking services for boats, buses and trains to anywhere in Thailand and the surrounding countries. Koh Phangan is located in the Southern gulf of Thailand, with the mainland district centre being Suratthani, one of the main transport hubs of the south. From here a host of destinations can be reached by boat, bus, train and even plane from Suratthani's Airport; which is slightly cheaper to fly to and from than Koh Samui and is served by Thai Airways.


The festival venue is 7 minutes from Thongsala, the main port of Koh Phangan and 8 minutes to the west to the yogic village Srithanu. Other villages and areas near by are Hingkong, Maduwan and Chaloklum.

You can rent a motorbike or bicycle at rentals shops around or at your accommodation.

---> We strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance for your trip. <---

We will have shuttle services for a low budget cost (100 baht per person per ride) from 7/11 Srithanu to the festival venue to fixed times.

Please contact the resorts and mention you coming for „AGAPE ZOE Gathering“, so they will know and get back as quick as possible to you.


For more information about the event, venue, Koh Phangan and artist application, contact Nancy:

+66 612270010

JARAN'S PHANGAN Yoga, Wellness and Eatery
82 Moo 5, Koh Phangan, Suratthani 84280 Thailand