Live Set

Beyond the multicultural rhythms and the steady hypnotic beat, Mose weaves ephemeral chanting of sacred songs and calls to love, kindness and compassion, often bringing in live musicians to create something improvisational connected with that particular place and time. He creates with the intention to set a foundation for self discovery and the cultivation of a present minded state which offers new insights and deeper clarity in ones purpose.

Anyone who likes to dive deep into hypnotic dance with healing intentions is welcome.

Mose is based in Guatemala on the beautiful volcanic crater lake of Atitlán where cacao ceremonies, kirtan, and ecstatic dance have had a major influence on his productions and DJ style. It is here that he founded regular cacao dances where members of the community have the opportunity to journey deep into dance while held in a ceremonial container, free of alcohol.

Please bring comfortable clothing that feels good to move in. Water.


Global prayer journey

There is tremendous power in a shared space of prayer and singing. A common song that connects all hearts together into one beating heart.  It is an invitation to connect to the simple truth in us - that spreads simply .It is an invitation to sing what lives in us in the miraculous and present moment .It's an invitation to dive into an ocean of harmonies. Sing with the heart of the world. It is an invitation to rest in the great spirit and let her lead us even to the places we never dreamed of reaching. It is an invitation to make room for the many emotions that live in us. Allow the tears to clear, the sighs to loosen. It is an invitation to heal and receive healing. It's an invitation to be together. In unity. In oneness.

Everyone whose soul desires to be and feel together the connection of hearts. Anyone who wants to sing the truth that lives in it - in its thousand wonderful shades. Anyone who seeks heart-healing medicine.

Netanel Goldberg (singer, composer, writer, tiller of the soil, Lover & a student of life) leads sessions of prayer and soul singing ceremonies in Israel, Europe, and the United States. In addition to ceremonies, Netanel leads workshops, retreats & accompanies ceremonies of life (weddings, birth & death, grief). You can listen to his music on his new album: Live – songs from live ceremonies, “River of Light”, “Pure Emotion” “Magic moments”. And in all the online play stores
With Netanel there are some wide colorful musicians (harp, violin, cello & percussion). In the coming ceremonies he will be joined by wonderful musician’s: Kalian Mito & Mitsch Kohn

Please come as you are.


Healing concert

A sacred gentle deep dive into your heart with songs which celebrate Mother Earth and love for Life.
I would like to invite everyone who wishes to come and sing together as this will be an audience participation event!

Nalini is an internationally renowned singer-songwriter, sound healer, ceremonialist and workshop facilitator. Over the last 20 years, she has pilgrimaged to sacred sites around the world, studying with indigenous wisdom keepers and song carriers. From the Amazon Jungle, to the High Andes, to the temples of Egypt, India and Central America, Nalini weaves ancestral threads into a unique tapestry of song, invocation and ceremony.  Her voice has been described as ‘an ancient and powerful transmission’, transporting listeners through the veils into timeless realms; her songs are deep prayers of praise and longing.

Please bring an open heart.


Ocean of Sound

In the Moment multi-instrumental musical creation for Dance, Meditation, and Deep Listening
For all Sentient Beings.

Pepe has been called by the media “the embodiment of World Music”. He has also taught Sound Healing, Yoga and Zen Meditation internationally for over thirty years. His performance weaves a magic tapestry of Sacred Music traditions with a touch of Jazz and Electronica. Pepe is a virtuosic multi instrumentalist that has traveled the world over to study diverse musical traditions and spiritual teachings.

Please bring comfortable clothing and open hearts.


Mantras & Music

This Mantra session uses the power of supportive words to redesign the architecture of your mind, let go of limiting beliefs about yourself, and become aligned with your heart. When your inner critic is overreacting and you have lost touch with who you truly are, this chanting session will guide you back to yourself.  With each mantra as your anchor, you’ll plant new seeds in the garden of your mind, take agency of your internal world, and feel the immediate enlivening effects.

This session is for anybody who likes to experience the depth of their heart chakra. The heart space doesn't know time, it only knows to be in the moment and we will practice to swim in the present moment using mantras as our anchor. You don't need previous experience in Singing/Chanting.

SRIKANTH (Sri) is originally from India, currently living in Berlin. He is a Yoga teacher, Singer, Motivational Speaker and Energy Healer. Sri enjoys singing and getting people to sing along with him. Along with Todd, Sonny and Jan, they create western music with Indian Mantras. He enjoys guiding people into the spaces between thoughts with the help of mantras and music. His life´s purpose has been to propel himself and people he come in touch with into inner work.

You can bring your own instruments if you feel like adding your sounds to the tunes.


Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam

Ecstatic Dance is a 2 hour dance journey, in which we move/dance however we wish. No steps required, no talking allowed. Simply dance. The dance will be opened with a short introduction of our guidelines and a physical warming up. The dance itself is lead by a DJ after which the dance is closed with a special momentum. The Dance journey has several “waves” of intensity, from strong expressive up to silent and meditative. A perfect exemple of the ups and downs of life. Ecstatic is being danced all over the world, we all share the passion to bring more depth onto the dancefloor and into your lives. The guidelines of “shoeless, speechless and boozeless” create the contours so this can happen.

Ecstatic Dance Guidelines
• Move however you wish
• Barefeet
• Silence – No talking, instead communicating through dance
• Respect yourself and one another

YARUN DEE  is an artist with a unique style within the Ecstatic Dance Community. Being a resident dj in Amsterdam, he is playing on Ecstatic Dances and Conscious Festivals around the planet. The sets he plays are influenced by tribal shamanic and folkloric sounds from around the world, mixed with the full spectrum of electronic music styles. Dance journey's with a deep flow and some unexpected twists and turns. Dancers experience a deep blissful quality by the dance experience and the feelings that are being touched, while coming to the surface and being released give space to directly experience a freedom and being fully present...

Anybody who loves to dance, move and be playful is welcome. Please bring nice clothing for dancing and a water bottle.


Ecstatic Dance Berlin

Dance and movement done in the right setting can unleash great transformational and healing powers. Within a ceremonial frame a safe space is created in which the participants connect to themselves and their bodies in a more conscious way. By co-creating and celebrating dance, music and community in this temple of free movement we can enhance our individual potential to live a more fullfilling and joyful life.

Thomas Koch aka Mathami has been a pioneer of the electronic music scene for over 30 years now. Since he discovered the art of Ecstatic Dance in the Sacred Valley of Peru a couple of years ago, he has been shifting his activities towards this alternative dance culture, channeling all his experience as a music selector and curator into this new field to find his very own way of facilitating these events.

Everybody is welcome. Please bring enough to drink to stay hydrated during the dance. If you intend to start (and end) the ceremony in Shavasana position, bring a mat.


Ecstatic Dance and Sound Journey

Ecstatic dance is a form of dance in which the dancers, sometimes without the need to follow specific steps, abandon themselves to the rhythm and move freely as the music takes them, leading to trance and a feeling of ecstasy. The music of Intiche is a deep fusion of natural organic sounds, traditional instruments and music inspired from various ancient cultures, funny crazy loops, organic outdoors recordings and eternals deja vu. Channeling experimentation with spacey, universal waves and frequencys, downloads of atemporal melodies, combined with minimal, tribal, hiphop beats, breakbeats and electronic powerfull downtempo , uptempo and no tempo beats; lot of fun and the love for samplers dance hits. His sound could transports you into the heart of your jungle, over the summit of your own mountain, across the seas of your emotions, flying through out of your ego and back as we stomp on the grounds of the Pacha mama soil together and shake the spirits to the bones. 

Everyone who wants to dance, experience a beautiful and powerfull music journey is welcome.

Born in Southamerica, Intiche is currently based in a beautiful forest. His passion for music began some past lives before this one. Surrounded from musicians since a baby, start Playing instruments when a little child. always curious, always wanting to learn more: a heartfull autodidact. After countless journeys through South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and in and out the universe, he start to dive into the world of self discovering. Developing a style of organic electronic music. music festivals (such as Fusion Festival, Ancient Trance, Kometa, ...), ecstatic dances (in Holland, Belgium, Russia, Berlin, Barcelona, Ibiza, Norway...) , ceremonies, sound journeys, healing gatherings (Bali Spirit Festival, Agape Zoe Festival Corfu...)

Please bring a lot of energy and huge high amount of mood for dance! wanna have joy and ecsta-sy!! high vibes deep connections!


Dance Ritual

Music producer & Dj  D’AL SENIO delivers a Deep Afro & Spiritual House music voyage ,mixing beats and sounds inspired from different cultures. Unlike many Djs, he started his career as an organic musician at a very young age. He is a flute/saxophone player who has performed with several music ensembles ,theater acts,  electronic projects and workshops around the world (France, Portugal, Thailand, Morocco, Cuba). For over a decade he trained his musical skills in Paris where he played in some of the most influential clubs/festivals and releasing records in several electronic genres. His music finds its place on the top 100 Charts on Beatport and Traxsource ,has been supported by several respected DJs( FNX Omar, Hanna Hais,Djuma Soundsystem, Oscar P..) radios and networks worldwide (Defected Radio,BBC Radio 1,The Beat London,Ibiza Global Radio..) and presented at labels as Switch-Lab, Arawakan, Milk&Sugar.



Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance is a free-form dance born in Hawaii around the year 2000. It's a non-verbal experience through music and movement, a space beyond the mind where the body can express itself freely, connecting intimately with oneself and/or with the group. Music, as the only guide, offers a collage of different rhythms and melodies. It starts gently, gradually increasing the energy, helping participants  to go beyond stablished limits, creating an atmosphere of connection where everyone feels safe and free to dance, express, have fun, explore, be vulnerable, discover...

ARUN JI continues surprising us with new formulas to offer an ecstatic, powerful and transforming experience, mixing the songs with his refined technique, seeking for musical harmony and the right fusion of rhythms, willing to offer a common thread and a poetic narrative to his sessions after 10 years in the scene. He is one of the pioneers of Ecstatic Dance in Europe and Asia, organising and facilitating sessions, retreats and festivals. His development as an Ecstatic Dance DJ went together with the study of different forms of dance and meditation. This gave him his sensitive approach to create energetic and deep musical journeys. His offering is much appreciated by many communities, being often invited to play for different ecstatic dances, festivals and retreats.

It is suitable for any age and no previous experience is required. Please bring comfortable clothes and water bottle.


Intuitive Medicine & Soundhealing

There´s so much more to explore, who you really are... this intuitive workshop invites you to find out in a playful and touching way. Immersed in intuitive sounds and music and connected with your conscious breath, you begin to feel and express your true impulses, despite fears & beliefs that may show up. You are invited to allow yourself  - and the others - true and free encounter with yourself. You´ll melt down self-defined borders and believes, let your body speak to you in free movements and your voice sounding naturally and freely, as much as you allow yourself.  The realization of what is happening inside you and the deep feeling of "being home in your body" will bring happiness, freedom and healing old wounds.  

* getting aware of and learning to let go off controlling and destructive patterns
* release blockages in your body and voice expression
* re-connect to your authentic feelings and trust into your own impulses
* enjoy & embrace life (yourself) fully

The intuitive music of the sound mystic Mitsch Kohn develops in the moment of playing and opens the door to levels beyond mind. With perceptive intuitive piano playing, shamanic voice and drums in his "play"-shops he creates a field of free expression, where  it becomes easy to encounter yourself deeply... and probably feel much more alive.

This is for all who want to deeply connect with themselfes, their free natural expression and inner truth. Please bring: all you are, readiness ... and a yoga-mat or cusion in case of this is not provided by the event



Kalyan is a cellist and multi-instrumentist with several albums on his account.  He has been teaching musicality and the art of listening since 25 years. "Music starts with listening! And - your sensitivity to sound has no limits." Kalyan's play opens into a deeper spectrum of emotion and sensitivity. Cello and dilruba (Indian string instrument).


Alice Rose Concert

Alices audience is wide, spanning from spiritual communities across the globe to dancefloors and street corners. She inspires whomever is open to a heartfelt experience, combining songs for personal growth with humor and love songs. Enjoy a musical concert with voice, loop station, viola and autoharp.

Alice Rose is a Danish singer-songwriter, with a healing voice. She is a cosmopolitan artist and plays loop station autoharp, electronics toys  and viola. She combines improvised and electronic music, as well as her own original, heartfelt songs. At the moment she spends half the year in Europe, and half the year in Asia, sharing her music wherever she goes.  She is a producer of 6 solo albums, and has released numerous singles and Eps, both under the moniker Tiger Rose, and as Alice Rose. She has also been an active singer and producer in various dance musical genres, and collaborated with DJs and musicians from all over the world. In her spare time she loves to practice and teach yoga and mindfulness and is a passionate street musician.

Please bring an open heart.



Let MoJoh take you on an INTIMATE ACOUSTIC SOUND JOURNEY with a collection of songs that are all dedicated to the planet we live on. The purpose: To help restore faith in humanity and re-establish the connection with our home. This concert night features MoJoh as well as some amazing other musicians from the Arillas-community!

This is for lovers of all kind! Please bring peaceful vibes.

MOJOH is a singer & songwriter from Planet Earth. He has been travelling the world for the past 19 years spreading the message of love & light by playing concerts, organizing beach clean-ups with local communities, visiting kids at local schools and building a network of like-minded people that will hopefully continue to grow.  Due to the current state of the world he has started a project called  ‘EARTH SONGS’ by MoJoh & Friends - an collaborative album featuring different artist from all over the world with songs that are all related to our connection with each other and our home.

 'I have always tried to use my music and networking skills to serve a higher purpose but if I am perfectly honest, never for the one thing that concerns me the most: The way our species is getting disconnected from our home: Earth.
 'I hope my love will move, heal and inspire many in a world that needs positivity and a light tune to resonate with.




Ecstatic Heart Yoga

Without listening to the voice of our heart, we will never feel complete. This workshop is an invitation to let go of mental barriers, beliefs and conditioning from the past. And to drop into the present moment full of joy, desire and love.
"We all have one thing in common: we all have different minds, we all have different bodies, but we have one soul, we are part of one soul. If we can see the soul in each other and relate to it, find it, understand it, respect it, then that oneness will be forever." Yogi Bhajan

 To be expected:
* Kundalini Yoga Kriya to centre in the heart.
* Exercise with partner (if necessary, according to Covid19 regulations)
* Meditation
* Dance

CAROLINE is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, physiotherapist, body worker and founder of O-YOGA, a yoga studio and healing space in Berlin. Following the calling of her soul she offers retreats and seminars. She teaches Teacher Training (Berlin and San Francisco) with a focus on alignment, western and eastern medicine and brings the tantric aspect of Kundalini Yoga to the fore.

You are welcome - with or without previous experience. With whatever you bring 🙂 A yoga mat would be good.


Heaven on Earth Yoga

Heaven on earth grounding Slow flow/ Yin Yoga session with musical accompaniment.
This yoga session is just right for you if you feel like you need grounding, deepen the connection to yourself on every dimension and your inner wisdom. Connect with heaven on earth through your physical body as a tool.

Leonie - takes you through her yoga classes, on a holistic journey of your being, to let you feel more and more your core being. Through her practice as a therapist in holistic/quantum field therapy, you can engage in a deep yoga class on all levels.

Joscha - musician, artist, yoga teacher accompanies this yoga session with his grounding, inspiring energy and the melody of the guitar. This will allow you to connect even deeper with yourself and your yoga practice and feel heaven on earth.

Please bring a mat, pillow or something else for a comfortable support


4 Elements Yoga Flow

Fire, water, earth, and air are the four elements of the Universe. They make up all that is, everything we see around us, and everything we are. The most powerful way to connect with the elements is movement. During the 4 Elements Flow Ina will guide you through asanas that will support you in connecting with the elements and find the bond to your body, mind and soul. Let’s dive deep and feel the intensity in it’s whole beauty while connected to the power around us: the elements.

Everybody is welcome.

Yoga instructor, meditation guide, reiki healer, writer and owner of YOGARAUM  - Namasté Ina. Ina has been teaching on various international festivals, organizes and leads retreats and workshops all over the world and deepens her own practice with every exchange. She creates a safe space for the students and teaches with so much passion, love and devotion.

Just bring yourself (and maybe a mat : -))


Yoga for the soul & music by MoJoh

Join Nariyah for her practice this year ‘ yoga for the soul’. A blissful flow calling us back to our bodies and our hearts. More than just yoga Asana, but a beautiful journey danced by our breath and inner exploration.  A  yin inspired, gentle vinyasa heart opening yoga flow, accompainied by live music from Mo Joh. MoJoh and Nariyah first met on a remote island in the indian ocean where they started collaborating. MoJoh’s uses specific tunings and instruments to allign you with those heart-frequencies. During class both Nariyah as well as MoJoh channel words and messages connecting with their higher selfs which makes each class a unique one and no class like the other.

Everyone is so welcome, this offering is suitable for all levels.

Nariyah has been living in community in Koh Phangan for the last 6 years and now calls Ibiza home.
She is an internationally certified Yoga, Qi Gong and Pilates teacher, a gifted energy healer and qualified bodyworker with over 1,100 hours in qualifications and registered trainings. Mainly schooled in Asia, she brings the traditional ancient lineages to relatable modern day practices, curating classes and meditations based on each individual student and group's needs, for ultimately relieving stress in rebalancing the body and the mind. Nariyah has spent the last few years being invited to guest teach in corporate settings, conscious festivals and yoga studios alike, sharing master classes of Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine, Breath Of Life and Hollistic Yoga Therapy in New York, San Francisco, Zurich, Mexico & Guatemala.
She hosts a wide range of retreats, workshops and Teacher Trainings in Thailand, Switzerland, Spain, Corfu, Berlin and Portugal.
Super grateful to once again be apart of the Agape Zoe family. 

Please bring Yoga mat, props, towel, water refillable water bottle.


Hatha Flow Yoga

Prepare for a Hatha Flow Yoga practice to connect with the body's innate intelligence.
It's going to be a journey in all directions; from the feet and fingers to the crown of the head and from the cells to the prana! A 75-minute morning Yoga Hatha Flow class to start your day full and awake. This early morning yoga flow is a full body yoga class, including breathing exercises and metta meditation.
The class is designed for all levels and variations will be given for beginners.

Yoga Mats will be provided, feel free to bring your own if you prefer so, comfortable clothes, a water bottle, and a notebook if you can!

SANNY is a trauma-informed Hatha Yoga teacher and Ceremony facilitator.
She is trained in various modalities, currently focusing on how to reconnect with the body and the present moment. Her Yoga classes are focused on sharpening awareness of the 3 levels - body-breath-mind, alignment, and integrating yogic wisdom into everyday life.


Heart to Heart Yoga

When you are in your own heart, you will be connected with the heart of mother earth and she will protect you and she will feel your vibration of love and appreciation. We choose with every thought, feeling and breath what will happened in the near future.
Right now is the time to remember and to connect to mother earth, to remember how much you are loved. Let's gather with our hearts to raise our vibration for the higher good. Let us come together as a tribe, as children of mother earth. Let us melt into one heart, full of love for our beloved mother earth and the precious creation of life. Let us promise , to never give up on her, to not give in to the fears and to never give up on each other. Love is the most profound, most far-reaching and the least understood energy on this earth. Only through love we will create a paradise which the world has never seen. We will higher our vibration to feel the divine within and without. I am so thankful , with you, to you to celebrate with you. Let us create the vision of a new earth, a new way of living with the deepest appreciation of mother earth. Let us rest in the knowing that after every death there will be a re-birth, it's like the rainbow following the storm. May we see and feel our hearts, not afraid to walk forward, hand in hand, into the greatness, which awaits us.
Let us come together to do yoga, meditate, chant and dance.  I am beyond excited to be part of the Agape Zoe Corfu summer festival 2021, and so thankful to Tony and the whole team which makes this gathering possible.
About Oliver:
certified kundalini yoga teacher since 2008, student of yoga since 2001.


Traditional Hatha Yoga

Evi will offer a Sun Hatha Yoga class. Based on traditional tantric Hatha Yoga there are three stages: Moon, Sun and Fire. Each one impacts our nervous system, physical body, mind, etc. in a different way. Our society makes us believe that Yoga is about the body. But it is about the mind. The main goal is to stable the mind (Meditation) and by doing that get access to our higher self/mind.
A complete practice always consists of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation.
Sun Hatha is about cultivating Prana, lifeforceenergy.

Anybody who is able to breath can come 😉
Mats will be provided. Bring some water.

Already in her childhood EVI felt that there is more to life than what we can see. Being a seeker for all her life brought her quiet around the world. She always said: „I would need one hundred lives to experience all the magic (back then: hobbies and jobs) what this incarnation has to offer.“ After studying nutrition, she lived in the United States for two years working as an Au Pair. Getting taste of that freedom and traveling, she worked as a flight attendant for 10 years.
Yoga has been her anker since she was 18 years old. Universe pushed her into the direction of diving deeper into this science by doing a Yoga Teacher Training. After many hours of teaching and countless hours of studying and practicing she did another Training in Bali, which introduced her to the Lineage of traditional tantric Hatha Yoga. A very science based approach, which combines Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda.


Gentle Yin Yoga

Laid back and gentle yin yoga to nourish, rest and rebalance. Sacha will lead you through a mindful and meditative yoga class to invite a calmer nervous system, healthier joints, more flexibility, release of trauma through the mind-body and promote healing throughout the fascia. You are invited to work with all that is arising for you in the present and to reflect upon your own inner wisdom. Session will end with a gentle mantra played live for you to listen to and receive or sing along with.

All are welcome- if you have any challenges that may affect you during your class please let Sacha know at the start of the session and She would be very happy to adapt things to work for you as we go along.

Yoga mats will be provided, if you like. 
Please bring water to drink and an open mind 🙂

SACHA HEATH is a yoga & meditation teacher, mantra singer and co-founder of gorgeous retreat accommodation Mandala Yoga B&B Corfu.  Her love of yoga, meditation and mantras began when she was just 11 years old, and she has continued these practices for over 20 years. She believes the joys of yoga should be accessible for everyone has had the honour of teaching thousands of people both in-person and online, at retreats, workshops, classes and festivals internationally.  She lives between the Greek island of Corfu and the UK  with her husband Ben, son Rafael and 2 rather pampered dogs.


Nurture Creation: Qigong and Herbalism

Practicing Qigong and learning how to enhance the practice when using botanical remedies like essential oils, ointments, teas, steams etc. from flowers, barks, resins. Qigong and herbalism, with their deep ancestral roots, meet modern modalities to assist humanity and give the opportunity to reflect and reconnect our relationship with creation. Inner silence and deep breathing implies to strong immune system and wellbeing. Where the mind goes, qi flows and the blood follows. A bit of theory and practice!

All who would like to experience the quality of silence and stillness empowered with botanical allies and to feel the interconnectedness.
All who would like to discover practical ways to treat stress and anxiety, boost their immune system, and cultivate inner peace.
All who would like to fall in love with the Self and falling in love with Nature itself.
Because Love is providing solutions.
Because Nature heals.

ATHANASIA is exploring more and more, that when staying still deep inside her central channel, the external circumstances of disharmony are being used in an intelligent way from her system so to evolve her in feeling freedom. It's an amazing breakthrough and so easily profound when she let it be! She is becoming a more joyful and present being and she loves it! She lives in Corfu with her beloved family and practicing holistic healing while performing arts of living as a herbalist and creating the organic herbal remedies "Back to the Roots", bodyworker (Tibetan massage combined with cupping cup massage), energy healer (one to one or distant), beekeeper and wild herb collector.



Anahata Yoga

Anahata Yoga is a unique, powerful and graceful style of hatha yoga. It is also known as the Dance of Shiva and Shakti, a meditative flowing vinyasa asana practice, designed to open the energy channels in the body.
Anahata is the name of the heart chakra. In Anahata Yoga we practice opening our hearts and loving ourselves exactly how we are. In the workshop at the Agape Festival, we will start with a heart-opening meditation to enhance self-acceptance and self-love and we will practice Shivas Dance of love to express that love to others.

Join us - Anahata Yoga is for everyone. Bring curiosity. Yoga Mats are available on site.

TOBIAS loves to create and hold space for human beings, who want grow, experience and discover themselves more deeply. He offers a loving presence and curiosity in his workshops. He is a passionate Anahata Yoga teacher and student of Peter Clifford, Reiki-Practitioner, transformational facilitator and currently a traveling Yogi.


Somatic Yoga flow

Welcome yourself home into your body temple with a gentle flow classes. Slowing down and moving in waves with presence and grace. A fusion of traditional Hata yoga sequences, ancient Shaolin Martial art techniques and Somatic movement that bring a particular fluidity and ease to the practice. Laila loves to take her students on an embodiment journey to reconnect to themselves more fully. To feel, sense and connect to the body, breath and mind more deeply. Her classes are process-oriented, looking for a quality of movement that enhances awareness, inner spaciousness and freedom. It is an invitation to explore and experience natural pathways of moving and being.

All levels of yoga experience welcome. Bring your curiosity , willingness to explore and feeling yourself.

LAILA spent 8 years of her life living in India, where she developed her teaching skills during 4 years in the Iyengar Yoga tradition under the guidance of an Indian Master. She continued her studies in different forms of Yoga with teachers of various backgrounds including Yin, Restorative, Scaravelli – inspired Yoga, Yoga Synergy, Calligraphy Yoga and Vipassana meditation. She is also a somatic movement coach, knowledgeable in various healing techniques as well as being a trained dancer. Laila has been teaching yoga since 2006, dividing her time between India, Morocco, Malta, France, Germany, UK and Italy and is now living with her family in Corfu.




Contact Beyond Contact

Contact beyond contact (cbc) practice guides you to discover your true inner voice, to create honest and genuine connections with yourself and others, and find a clear enlightened purpose in life. CBC is a practice that integrates authentic movement (am), contact improvisation (ci) and passing through (pt) with other profound practices such as qigong, yoga, healing modalities, principles of behaviourism and energy work, mindfulness, leadership skills, proprioceptive and exteroceptive senses, somatics and the philosophies of buddhism and taoism. All of these practices are woven together to create a holistic integration of the body, mind, heart and spirit.

I believe that everybody can dance, so my invitation goes to those who feels the call and wanna explore something beyond, bringing full attention to the heart rather to the mind. This is a full embodiment practice.

Bruna Bortolato is a spiritual life coach, certified women’s empowerment mentor & a movement teacher born and raised in Brazil. Bruna’s desire of deepening her spiritual path led her to leave brazil at the age of 23, traveling around the world studying yoga and meditation. She explores different cultures and immerses herself in nature where she spends time in reflection, listening to a higher guidance. Bruna is based in Guatemala on the beautiful lake of Atitlán, a place where she fell in love and saw an opportunity to go deeper into her journey. Bruna has studied holistic coaching for over four years and has attended and hosted many workshops and retreats. She teaches embodiment through sacred movement, a practice of being in your body—that ignites creativity, connection, and community.

Her main focus in this practice is to hold space by creating a safe-boundaries-environment in which people can integrate, transform and heal in body, mind, heart and spirit. She leads sharing circles and different workshops, helping women break free from old patterns to discover a truest sense of freedom. Bruna also works closely with her dreams and incorporates the hermetic qabalistic tree of life as a map. She has spent many days in silent retreats over the past 5 years and it has taken a primary role in her path of self discovery. Bruna finds that by spending extended periods of silence she can connect deeper with spirit and her highest self. Bruna is on a mission to help women awaken on a global scale. She believes healing must be done collectively. With more and more women stepping up, she anticipates the world will witness the greatest transformation. her mission is to contribute towards a more loving and compassionate world.

Please bring your  body and an open heart <3


Ho'oponopono - der goldene Schlüssel der Huna Medizin

Ho'oponopono- The secret of abundance and letting go.
How an ancient Hawaiian ritual can help you to live more freely, more awake and more consciously...
Hooponopono comes from the Hawaiian wisdom teachings of Huna and is a forgiveness ritual. Its roots go far into the past. It is a ritual that can lead very powerfully to conflict and problem resolution and to a healthy happy life. Shamans say there is no problem that cannot be solved through Hooponopono, as it involves the greatest power in the universe, love. In this workshop you will learn a simple technique to help you release old energies that prevent you from allowing the most beautiful part of you to flourish.

You are welcome to come if you want to know
- How to overcome your body chemistry and unleash unimagined abilities to take your life to a new level!
- How to free yourself from negative thought patterns that block your development.
- How to establish four core beliefs that will help you grow beyond yourself.
- How to cleanse your system with a simple Hawaiian ritual and come into your true power.

Ingfried Hobert, MD, has been researching the healing knowledge of other cultures since he was 24 years old and has had the opportunity to observe healers, naturopaths and medicine men in more than 25 countries of our planet and to participate in their amazing methods of healing. He searched for answers that traditional medicine was not able to give him properly and completely. His experiences developed into a treasure box filled to the brim with knowledge about vitality, health and healing, which he has been successfully using in his practice for 34 years now.

Please bring an open heart


Medicine Dance

Medicine Dance is a playful dance and movement format, inspired by Yoga, Bellydance, Sacred and Tantric practices. Our dance holds the elixir of renewal, tonification, rejuvenation. It helps calm our nervous system, clear fear and harmonise our energy system. This format is amazing for our physical body, while purifying our mind, freeing stagnant energy and boosting our immunity, Life force energy and mood.

SOPHIA SURYA is a holistic dancer, Women’s Circle facilitator and mystical traveler. Her deepest calling is to help people liberate themselves and reconnect with their pure joy and wisdom of their Soul. She has immersed herself into various ancestral lineages of yoga, healing modalities and dance traditions. She has developed her own system of Medicine Dance, combining the potential of different primordial dances with embodiment practices. She loves Colors as Portals to the Soul and guides people to discover their own Soul Colors! She has developed her own line of Ritual Clothes for dancers made mostly out of recycled, conscious materials.
Men and Women are invited to our Dance Journey! Please bring Yoga Mat, comfortable clothes, long skirts for the Women if possible.



Singing Freedom

Freeing our voice and developing the Art of Overtone singing, freeing our mindset and points of view, freeing ourselves from obligations we haven't consciously chosen.

Together we create the space in which creativity flows, a safe space of mutual trust, so we can begin a "Voice Quest" to discover ourselves through our sound, the natural way: to relax, to sigh, to yawn, to sing!

The expression of our emotions by singing together is a joyous and exciting inner journey. In our retreats we explore our sound without imposing a structure.
We offer a sensitive, flexible and interactive way of sharing that honors each person's state of being, listening to each person's wisdom and that of the group.

Open to all, the 'natural' approach we propose helps to remember how to relax, encouraging you to stay connected and allowing yourself to express your vocal and vital potential.
Each meeting is an exploration of various aspects of the voice in an experimental and, rare and precious, safe space to learn to express yourself ---fully!


Natural Movements

Movement as a bride to bonding Deep-Inner Journeys with Anva Goldberg accompanied by Netanel Goldberg with live music. This journey is an intimate meeting with your own movement, with your expressive, wise body. It is a deep study where the wisdom of the body is the guide. All we have to do is surrender and dance from a space of un-knowing & new listening. We will move  alone, together, will embrace & be embraced,  at times having a glimpse into the feeling of bonding & oneness. Insights arise, emotions can float. We dance all that is alive in us in the present moment. You are invited to dive into your inner fountains which awaken hearts and connect you to your inner essence, to the nature in you.

For anyone who wants to experience intimacy with life through movement. This journey is suitable for all genders ages 18 - 70+

Anva comes from the world of healing, dance & art. Natural movement was born from desire that came to her from a lot of physical pain that she suffered in the first 3 years of her life. It created disconnection with her own body & soul. Then the desire to heal has led her to a movement that creates bonding between them. Anva met spiritual dance teachers. She went into deep studies where we danced every step of life (dancing our biography).  She continued to explore with a group of women movement as reflection of life. She looks at nature and around her, inside her, from curiosity to meet herself, meet people, understand the material of life through the body. Anva lives in Israel with her partner and beloved Netanel.

Please bring:
* Comfortable clothing to dance
* Bottle of water
* Writing Notebook  paper + Writing pen


Cacao Ceremony and Singing Circle

The medicine of Cacao and the medicine of music, instruments and voices. A warm Space of  connection in gratitude from our open heart  to the island, to pachamama, to the forests, to the sea, to the simplicity of being. A guided meditation and simple musical melodies to sing all together, to show gratitude to Nature for our beautiful Life.

To everyone who wants to feel, deepen and soften the connection with own heart,  gratitude and to align with something greater and reconnect with cycles of life. We work with the energy of the day based on the Mayan calendar. The day 9 TOJ - everything is flowing, fluid, changing and shifting. This day carries an extremely nourishing and positive energies which supports us to flow through challenges in life.

ANNA AYAR is active since some years in the field of plant medicine studies and exploration of sound and music as healing tool. Having traveled a lot to the areas of South America and Siberia, she has developed an approach which is strongly influenced from the shamanic work of the areas of the Amazônic forest, Andean mountains and ancient Baykal waters.

ANNETTE ASSMY is a filmmaker, a creative soul, a master of ceremonies and is walking the path of a guardian of the earth. It is her heart's desire to bring soul-nurturing shamanic wisdom to the western world.

INTICHE is a multitalented musician, who combines natural organic sounds, traditional instruments and music inspired from various ancient cultures and through music a bridge to connect deeply to the source through the magic of frequencies and vibrations.
Together guide you in an inner space to open the heart and explore the sound, the vibration, the prayer.

Please bring a bottle of water is suggested as well as something cozy to sit on and eventually lay down during the event. Musical instruments, especially rattles and drums or alike, are welcome to accompany the leading ones. Flowers/fruits/seeds/stones etc. for the ritual we will do with intention to give thanks to our Mother Earth. Flowers and fruits for the Altar to the Cacao are also very warmly welcome.



InnerDance & InnerLight: A Journey of Self-Liberation

InnerDance is not a ‘’dance’’ as we typically know it. It is a Path of Self-Liberation to feel and transform the magnificent energies inside of you. It's a powerful InnerJourney where you tap into expanded states of consciousness, balance your central nervous system, and rewire your brain, and even access non-dual states, depending on your level of Trust, and Surrender. InnerDance is a healing modality, rooted in Filipino shamanic tradition. It is a process to connect to our inner wisdom and to welcome every aspect of ourselves. Feel your InnerLight and listen to your InnerVoice, that may whisper at any moment. It is a doorway to allow us to understand life from all perspectives.

During a session you are invited to lie down on a mat with your eyes closed. You have nothing to do, just relax and surrender to the moment and the energies inside of you. It is an invitation to dive into yourself and enter altered states of consciousness or conscious dream states. Ahilan and Oliver will support you and deepen your experiences through intuitive touch, brainwave frequencies, special soundscapes, smell, and so on. This can evoke and transform memories and limiting concepts stored in your body, mind, subconscious or even in the collective to find your truth.

OLIVER is a passionate energy worker, speaker and teacher. His focus is to empower people, reconnect them to their innerlight, and to build trust. He left a successful career as a management consultant in Europe to follow his soul to discover his true-self and to learn more about the wisdom and connection of body, mind, and soul. He went on a self development journey around the world to learn from international practitioners InnerDane, Reiki, Meditation, Breathwork. He also developed a unique app ( with an audiovisual brainwave technology to help more people on their journeys and to bring the benefits of meditation to the mainstream. In the last years Oliver supported thousands of people from around the world to go beyond their limitations and to reconnect with their hearts.

AHILAN was born in Sri Lanka and moved to Germany when he was a teenager. He is holding both the East and the West perspectives of life, which allow him to have a deeper understanding of the dance in between. Ahilan was invited to journey into InnerDance five years ago in Thailand, after leaving corporate work. He is always curious to study how the mind works, consciousness and human psychology and to understand the impact of the integration of these studies on life. He is holding space in Europe and Asia (private & group sessions). He is also supporting the many energy schools that are happening online and are based in Maia, in the Philippines.

Are you ready to remember who you are & why you came here?  
Everybody is invited who feels the call to go with the BE LIGHT Team on an InnerJourney of self-discovery, transformation, and liberation. Please bring:
* yoga mat or blanket
* wear comfortable clothes
* avoid caffeine and alcohol before the session
* water

Let us journey together beyond time and space.
With Love & Light ❤️ Ahilan & Olli


Full Moon Astrology Talk & Meditation

We will gather to connect with the Full Moon in Capricorn, to the energy activated inside of us, through a guided embodied meditation. Aldebaran will provide insights about the astrological moment, what are the lessons the planets are teaching us, the challenges we have to face and the treasures we may find if we are willing to stay open.
Anyone who feels drawn from the beauty of the starry sky and wants to align with the celestial energy. Anyone who perceives the magic available during the full moon and wants to use it to gain more inner peace and wisdom.
ALDEBARAN has been working with astrology for 25 years, she teaches it in the school Athanor she founded in Switzerland, gives private and couple consultations, and helps people to integrate the energies of planets and signs embodying them through movement, breathwork, creative expression and much more.
Please bring a Yoga mat, pillow and a blanket if needed.


Future Families

Birth impacts everyone because we’ve all been born. How we ourselves experienced our birth journeys from conception to birth will in turn influence the way we birth and parent our future babies.
How you prepare for the future conception of your baby, your pregnancy and birth will impact your baby’s future as well as all of our futures as family, friends and communities.
What are the needs of future babies and how can you best prepare yourself for them?
We can contribute to the future wellbeing of our planet and our humanity by creating new paradigms at birth.

Are you already a parent? You might not feel ready to parent a child yet, but if you are generally over the age of 14 and you are having sex then potentially, you are able to conceive a baby. This workshop is for you if you are a future parent, a sister or a brother, an auntie or an uncle. All are welcome if you feel the call, it takes a community to raise a child after all.
We are creating this new Earth together.

Sophia is an aquatic perinatal therapist, a newborn and baby swimming educator as well as a pregnancy and birth doula. By remembering her own birth journey while immersed in warm water Sophia began to see birth from a baby’s perspective. She is a founding member of the Pregnancy and Birth Network of Kerkyra and is working towards establishing natural out of hospital births as a safe and desirable option on the island of Corfu.

Please bring your willingness to dive deep within, any questions, or fears you wish addressed and perhaps a comforting item like a pillow or a scarf.

This workshop will take place on land.


Human Design

Human Design System is a science of self-discovery and uniqueness. It is a logical system that combines the wisdom of Astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, the Chakra system and Quantum physics.

The greater gift of Human Design System is the decision-making. It can show you how to consistently make the right choices in your life; and is a way of allowing your body's intelligence to guide you.

* Are you aware of the impact that your aura may have about who is close to you and vice versa?
* Who are you and who are the other?
* Where it begins and ends your reality?
* How can you make a decision properly respecting yourself?

These and other issues will be addressed during the experiential inter- active presentation of Human Design System. In particular we will look at the different genetic families that are in the world right now and the strategy of life linked to them.

To participate in this enlightening program is needed to know your birth time, and print/ download for free your own map of Auric design (RAVE CHART) by going to the website

In this regard, my experiential work, created 3 years ago, it is a great help that allow you to access to your inner depth, and fulfill your own purpose in life through the expression of your unique gifts. I will help you to establish your own connection with the H.D wheel and to attune yourself to the way energy flows inside your personal genetic information ,so what is stored in your unconscious level can be revealed to you.

My name is Shanti Reema. I am a projector 4/6 splenic. What I love about my work and is helping you to recognize and experience the beauty and perfection of our being. I've been in the design from 2004 and I still love it! Knowledge is the first step to transcendence. Life is a mystery to be lived not a battle or a load to carry on your shoulders.


Human Mandala

Human bodies and minds connected and interlinked, souls dancing and creating together. The Human Mandala Experience is a co-creation between the individual and intuition of the herd, a collective yoga art project. Sharing ideas, inspiring each other and growing together.
With our own bodies we will create beautiful patterns and Mandalas onto the ground. We connect with each other and find our own rhythm from one formation into the next. Come and enjoy this interactive free-flow Yoga session. Let's celebrate life, togetherness and co-creation!

Anna is an Artisan. She has gained years of experience in helping humans on their path. She is trained as Massage Therapist and Frequency Worker and the creator/facilitator of different group experiences like “The art of getting closer“, “Conscious Corona Speed Dating”, “Journey of the Senses” and  "Human Mandala". You will find her involved in many festivals all over the globe, helping and hosting, entertaining and laughing, dancing and raving, healing and holding, creating and connecting...

For everyone who likes to connect, co-create and move. Please bring comfortable clothes!