Netanel is a countertenor vocal artist who leads sessions of prayer and healing circles in Israel, Europe, and the United States.

In addition to Hebrew and English, Netanel performs in new languages that he channels live, an improvisational reflection of life through music. In the past 2 years Netanel joined the international guitarist “Estas tone” for tours in Europe and Russia.

He tours with the pianist “Mitsch Kohn” in Europe & Israel.

In addition to concerts, Netanel leads workshops & retreats, as well as ceremonies of life (weddings, birth & death).


In today’s electronic music world, there are not many artists who can lay claim to a legacy like that of Thomas Koch aka DJ T. From spending his youth collecting Disco, Funk, Soul, early Hip-Hop and Electro, to this day, still collecting, selecting and playing, still full of energy and inspiration. DJ T. has notched up a seriously impressive list of achievements during his illustrious career, which spans over three decades.

This, T. will celebrate his 30 years in the business. In the last few years, he has produced three albums, curated numerous compilations, produced a long list of EPs and remixes and toured the globe several times over. He has also been a key member of the collective who launched Get Physical Records, the brains behind Groove Magazine - Europe’s premier electronic music publication - and helped launching and running Frankfurt’s only House club in the first half of the naughties, the Monza Club.


Tristan is the co-founder of Ecstatic Dance Koh Phangan Thailand, where he  organizes weekly Ecstatic Dances and the transformational Festival Ecstatica.

"Conscious Dance, saved my life ! In the 1900's I was a weekly clubber in the rave scene, loving the underground music at the time, which was a big part of my life. I soon started DJing and became resident DJ at a local House & Techno night. The endless debauched and late nights eventually took its toll on my body and I stopped DJing in 2003 in search of a more peaceful and heather life.

Some years later I discovered Biodance at a Tantra Festival and my love for Conscious Dance was born and my passion for DJing was reignited ! In 2016 I went to my fist big Ecstatic Dance in Ibiza, and I had that 'Uureka' moment, during the dance ! and I decided to starting DJing Ecstatic Dance on Koh Phangan, our weekly ecstatic dance soon went from 40 people to over 200 in a matter of weeks, and the rest they say is history"

During his DJ sets Tristan plays a wide spectrum of music, sculpting a landscape of sound and rhythms for you to dive into. Creating a safe space for connection and exploration though a musical experience, where celebration and meditation melt together as one.


Kalyan is a cellist and multi-instrumentist with several albums on his account.
He has been teaching musicality and the art of listening since 25 years.

« Music starts with listening! And - your sensitivity to sound has no limits."
Kalyan's play opens into a deeper spectrum of emotion and sensitivity.
Cello and dilruba (Indian string instrument).


The music of Intiche is a deep fusion of natural organic sounds, traditional instruments and music inspired from various ancient cultures from around the world, funny crazy loops and eternals deja vu.
Experimentation with planetary, spacey, universal waves and frequencys combined with minimal, trance, tribal and electronic powerfull downtempo , uptempo and no tempo beats; lot of fun and the love for sample dance hits.

His sound transports you into the heart of your jungle, over the summit of your own mountain, across the seas of your emotions, flying through space out of your ego and back as we stomp on the grounds of the Pacha mama soil together and shake the spirits to the bones.

It serves as a bridge to connect deeply, with lot of playfulness through the magic of music, frequencies and vibrations.

Born in Southamerica, Intiche is currently based between the forest around Berlin and the city.
His passion for music began some past lives before this one. Playing instruments since a little child, around the age 12, he began to combine instruments with electronic music and mostly everything.

After countless journeys through South America, Africa, Europe and Asia and in and out the universe, he set up his studio in Berlin to dive into the world of self discovering. The electronic music scene adopted him and help him to develop his own unique style of organic electronic music.

Intiche has played an extensive number of gigs around the world - From music festivals (such as Fusion Festival, Ancient Trance, Kometa, ...), ecstatic dances (in Ibiza, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Russia, Berlin, Barcelona...) , ceremonies, sound journeys, healing gatherings (Bali Spirit Festival, Agape Zoe Festival Corfu...) to indoor clubs (Berghain Kantine, KlunkerKranich, Kasheme, Karoussel, Beate uwe...) and had released his music trough highly amount of Record Labels like:
Trndsmsk II Big in Japan II Konn Recordings II Deep Bali Records II Numa II Cosmic Awakenings II Oxhala Records II Tropical Twista II Aztec Electronic Music II Lucid II Tepeme Musica, II Monada II Chakana II Dahrma Collective II Akasha II Kybele II Casa Caos II Nomade II Ucr II Drivhuset II Baikal II Nomads II Codex Naturae II Frente Bolivarista.

Please bring an open heart, wish of enjoy music in all aspects from dance till meditation.


The beauty and strength of our unique movement - Deep-Inner Journeys with Anva Goldberg accompanied by Netanel Goldberg with live music.

This journey is an intimate meeting with our own movement, with our expressive, wise body.

It is a deep study about us. And the moving body is the guide.
All we have to do is surrender and dance from a space of new listening.

Each session has a theme that we experience through the body. The theme relates to the materials of life… Those that touch each and every one of us from the point of our life experience and through the voice of our hearts.

We will move in a group which itself is a womb for the personal journey.
We will move sometimes alone, sometimes together. A moment embracing, another moment being embraced. And at times having a glimpse into the feeling of oneness. Insights arise, emotions can float And we move in connection and authenticity with what is dancing in us.

You are invited to delve into your inner springs with all vulnerability, power and excitement… Springs which awaken your heart and connect you to your inner essence, to the nature in you.

“Come as you are.” Rumi

More information:


Singing has a tremendous power to connect worlds.
Singing that emanates from the depths of life and flows into the highest branches creates connections of truth between me and I & the divinity, between me and my heart and the journey of my life.

Singing is A prayer, an intention, an awakening call on earth.

I invite you to A space of presence and intention of the heart.

The words, some of which I collected from the Jewish tradition I grew up in and some of them, I wrote. Every song / prayer has a secret that seeks to be revealed. By singing without time, a song that repeats itself more and more (mantra, chanting) like water to rock slowly open the gates of the heart.
And the dams that have been closed over the years are being released into the great sea.

It's an invitation to simplicity. Being as we are, to bring who we are, to give expression to what lives in us at the present moment, to sing the truth within.

It is an invitation to surrender, to the path, to divinity to the emotions of life in us – that seek a place in the world.
It's an invitation to be together, chant together,dive together in the ocean of creation & harmony.

It is an invitation to create together a space through which we can empower, heal and give healing sing in harmony in which each of us has a place & a voice in the world.


Open your heart and experience deep relaxation and bliss with the practice of mantra singing.

In this session Sacha will lead kirtan, a call and response mantra meditation practice that originates from India.

Sacha holds the space with a combination of gentleness, humour and strength, and invites you to listen deeply, so that you can recieve the maximum healing benefit of the mantras, and to sing without judgement or inhibitions so that you can experience deep release and ultimately states of bliss.
Hari Om!

Sacha Heath is a yoga teacher (RYT200 Yoga Alliance) , mantra singer and co-founder of retreat accommodation -Mandala Yoga B&B Corfu. She hosts a number of yoga and meditation videos online and has released  KIRTAN an album of Sanskrit mantras.

Sacha’s love of yoga, meditation and mantra singing began in childhood, and she has continued these practises  for over 20 years. Since qualifying as a yoga and meditation teacher she has  taught thousands of people both in person and online, at  retreats, workshops, classes and festivals internationally.


"Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth" (Rumi)

"Love Said to Me" is the co-creation of spoken word artist Ellaya Ayal Mor and kirtan singer Elise Yuill Cohen. This unique concert weaves the powerful, poignant words of Rumi and Hafiz, into songs and silence, mantras and music, moving through the different colors of love radiating from the poems. A space of deep beauty opens, as listeners submerge themselves into the healing, heart-opening essence that emanates from the words of these two great masters of Love.

Through laughter and lightness to tender sweetness, poignant longing and ecstatic joy, Ellaya, Elise and accompanying musician Charlie Bishop, will envelop us in a magical web of devotional music and Sufi poetry that will awaken our hearts to the love and beauty we already are.

We are calling you:
lovers of poetry and prose, lovers of song and silence, lovers of words and wisdom, lovers of mantra and music, lovers of inspiration and beauty, lovers of Love.

Come sing with us, come raise your voice of longing, come dive into words that carry the echo  of eternity, come sit in silence, come dance your devotion, come as you are.

Ellaya is an Israeli storyteller, spoken word artist, psychotherapist and workshop leader. She performs and leads workshops throughout Israel and abroad. She is the co-creator of "Come Whoever You Are" and additional productions that celebrate spiritual poetry including her own.  Her poetry presentations are imbued with a delightful freshness and personal touch. She lives and breathes Rumi and Hafiz poetry, is maker of the Religion of Love Rumi Cards and has translated many of Rumi's poems from English to Hebrew.  She is also a dharma (Buddhist teachings) facilitator and certified mindfulness teacher, forever drawing her inspiration from the wells of silence from which all words arise.

Elise Yuill Cohen is a sacred music artist and kirtan singer, whose passion for music is inspired by global traditions of world, folk and dance music. She is the co-creator of newly formed sacred music duo KAMALA with producer, drummer and composer Charlie Bishop. Their heartfelt contemporary devotional music carries you gently into the deep peace within, where the vibrations of divine love, unity and bliss allow everything else to drop away. Based in South Devon (UK), Elise regularly tours across the UK and internationally leading kirtan concerts, workshops, retreats and women's circles.



Freeing our voice and developing the Art of Overtone singing, freeing our mindset and points of view, freeing ourselves from obligations we haven't consciously chosen.

Together we create the space in which creativity flows, a safe space of mutual trust, so we can begin a "Voice Quest" to discover ourselves through our sound, the natural way: to relax, to sigh, to yawn, to sing!

The expression of our emotions by singing together is a joyous and exciting inner journey. In our retreats we explore our sound without imposing a structure.
We offer a sensitive, flexible and interactive way of sharing that honors each person's state of being, listening to each person's wisdom and that of the group.

Open to all, the 'natural' approach we propose helps to remember how to relax, encouraging you to stay connected and allowing yourself to express your vocal and vital potential.
Each meeting is an exploration of various aspects of the voice in an experimental and, rare and precious, safe space to learn to express yourself ---fully!


“We are walking each other home..”
Men and Women are coming together in this Workshop to offer their dance as a prayer of our shared Heart.

We are coming together to alchemise the pain of the past, to allow ourselves to be witnessed and acknowledged in our truth, to release past narratives of separation and dominance of the masculine principle.

We come together to embody both masculine and feminine energies inside ourselves and share from a place of wholeness.
We come together to explore ourselves and our interaction with “the other” in a conscious dance practice and to open ourselves to a deeper, healthier kind of Love.

Everybody is welcome to this deep Soul journey!

Surya Sophia is holistic therapist and self empowerment coach.
Her deepest joy is to create immersive opportunities for people to undergo personal transformation and to activate them into their unique gifts.
She is certified Women´s Circle Facilitator, Hatha and Kundalini Yoga instructor. She has studied Flamenco, Tribal Bellydance, Gypsy dance with internationally acclaimed teachers.
She has studied Feeling Colours, a method of reconnection with the unique Colours of the Soul.
She has developed Intuitive Reflexology, ShaktiFlow and Sacred Primitive Dance, integrating holistic arts and Wild, earth-based spirituality. She offers Workshops and Retreats of Feminine Empowerment through dance around the world.





Originally from Florida, USA, I have been living in Berlin, Germany for the last 15 years, and teaching Vinyasa flow since 1999. My life looked much differently, however, before disovering yoga 20 years ago. Back then, I was a high-strung, ambitious overachiever wanting to be number one and willing to do anything to achieve the image of "success" I had built up in my mind. I was a Junior Olympic athlete (wrestling) when I was younger, and went into banking upon graduation from University. I worked 60-70 hours per week and was training much too hard for my body, not giving myself the proper rest I needed.

In my mid-20s, I experienced a near burn-out, was suffering from panic attacks, couldn't sleep at night, and was in constant pain. Luckily, I had the good fortune to stumble across a yoga studio that my massage therapist recommended to me. Walking out of that first class, I seemed to truly feel the earth beneath my feet for the first time, and was filled with a sense of calm and centerdness I'd never experienced before. This experience changed my life.

Today, I am teaching workshops and retreats around the world, and am dedicating my life to others through my Travel with a Purpose and YogaKids Uganda projects, where I am leading retreats in partnership with an orphanage in Rishiskesh, India, and working on bringing trauma-informed yoga therapists to work with ex-child soldiers near Kampala, Uganda. I am also working strongly on the shamanic plant medicine path as Director of Apotheosis ( and Lead Facilitator for Synthesis ( Additionally, I am a tantra and sexual dearmouring healer, Reiki Master and Legacy Ambassador for Lululemon Athletica. My desire is to help others to step out of the conditioning of society and their own minds, which often prevent us from stepping into our true authenticity, and limit us from realizing our ultimate potentials.


Sacha combines gentle, yet powerful asana (yoga poses), insightful yoga philosophy and clear easy to follow instructions; to create a meditative yoga practice suitable for all levels of practitioner.

It will include a mixture of restorative and more energising  poses from the hatha yoga tradition, as well as some of Sacha's mantras to deepen the relaxation towards the end of the practice.

This session aims to help soothe the body, still the mind, and open the heart so that we complete the practice feeling sat-chit-ananda - Connected to our truth, consciousness and bliss.

Everybody is welcome to join this practice- Especially those wishing to relax, pamper and soothe their bodies 🙂

Sacha Heath is a yoga teacher (RYT200 Yoga Alliance) , mantra singer and co-founder of retreat accommodation -Mandala Yoga B&B Corfu. She hosts a number of yoga and meditation videos online and has released  KIRTAN an album of Sanskrit mantras.

Sacha’s love of yoga, meditation and mantra singing began in childhood, and she has continued these practises  for over 20 years. Since qualifying as a yoga and meditation teacher she has  taught thousands of people both in person and online, at  retreats, workshops, classes and festivals internationally.




Rebirth follows death. Are you ready to die ?
The ancient Greeks had created a holy institution, the  mysteries of Eleysis  which were conducted through the sacred myth of Persephone that narrates  the cyclical journey of the Soul , death and rebirth. The initiates were guided by the Hierophants through a 9 day journey into the Underworld, Hades. There they would face their biggest fears and they would come out with the power of knowledge.
Persephone is the symbol of Consciousness and Hades is the entrance to a place where One meets the desires, fears and insecurities, bitterness and longing, the "weights" and the ideals - usually unfulfilled - that exist and have been registered in the Unconscious.
In this workshop we are going to journey along with Persephone, descend into Hades, meet Pluto and ascend back to the Light .
It is the adventure of the Soul in the quest of seeking a real meaning in life.

I would like to invite everyone men and women who would like to experience an initiation of the Soul through the narration of the Greek Myth of Persephone and guided embodied practices that will allow the participants to explore hidden depths of their Psyche.
Nietzsche said “you must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame; how could you rise anew if you have not first become ashes?”
If you really want to know your Light, dive deep into the Darkness and you will know what it feels like to Embody your Radiance.
Darkness might feel uncomfortable and even sad but it pushes us to see real deep before we can embody a new external version of ourselves. I recommend to be in presence with yourself as much as you can and to let things sink within..

Christina Kottori is  a Greek Mystic Muse and a world wide traveler.
She has studied theater and has attended numerous trainings and workshops such as Yoga Teacher Training, mystical dance, sexual shamanism, tantra workshops and  others.
She has been studying the Greek myths and archetypes for the last 9 years.
Her passion is to convey the esoteric meanings of the ancient wisdom encapsulated in the Greek Myths towards the awakening of humanity. She is a temple dancer, a ritual theater performer and a story teller.
She organizes workshops  on Greek myths and embodiment of archetypes.
She has deepened her relation to the myth of Persephone through theater performance, drama therapy, dance performance and  women's workshops.

Participants need to bring with them a scarf, paper and pen.


"WakeTheFuckUp!" is an indepent campaign to help re-connect humanity with earth.

In dem Workshop geht es darum zu verstehen, dass alles, aber auch wirklich alles miteinander verbunden ist. Alles ist EINS.

Der Musiker und Entrepreneur MoJoh nimmt euch mit auf eine Reise in eine Welt, die so wunderschön ist, dass es einem ganz warm wird um das eigene Herz.
Basierend auf vielen Erkenntnissen eines Lebens ausserhalb der gesellschaftlichen Norm und hunderten von Gesprächen und Interviews mit inspirierenden Menschen aus aller Welt im Rahmen des WakeTheFuckUp!-Projektes.

Es darf gemEINsam diskutiert & geschwiegen, gesungen & gelauscht, gelacht und geweint werden.
Eines ist sicher: Danach ist die Welt mit Sicherheit etwas schöner.

Das Angebot richtet sich an alle Menschen. Insbesondere an Träumer und Visionäre.  Time to wake up from the dream!
Keine Angst - In diesem Workshop gibt es keine fadenscheinigen und neunmalklugen Konzepte und Theorien - vielmehr geht es darum gemEINsam zu beraten basierend auf unseren Erkenntnissen. Alles ist EINS. Nichts ist ganz.

MoJoh is a 37-year old singer & songwriter from Planet Earth and founder of WakeTheFuckUp!
He is currently  travelling the world spreading the message of love & light by playing concerts, hosting workshops, organizing beach-clean ups with local communities, visiting kids at local schools and building a network of like-minded people that will continue to grow.

He started his music career in a band called ‘the mainStream’ - a band formed through and one of the first internet collectives ever - a collaboration of multiple artists from all over this planet where he was one of the producers and the lead-singer.

Within 8 years (2004-2012) the band released three albums through their own label and played 400 shows on three different continents with  crowds as big as many as 40 000 people in Italy (2010) to as little as 3 people on an abandoned tennis court in Chile (2009).
When the band finally broke up MoJoh started his solo-career & over the course 5 years he released two self-funded, self produced albums in german language under his alter ego LowmaX.
From 2013-2017 MoJoh founded the conscious HipHop-Band Quest ONE in LA and with help of Jack Johnson's producer Robert Carranza he produced an EP (Stars) and a full album (Synergy) and played tours though Europe +  three tours in the US with shows in prestigious locations such as the iconic Troubadour in West Hollywood as well as The Crest in Sacramento amongst others.

As part of the WakeTheFuckUp!-campaign MoJoh has just started working on ‘EARTH SONGS- an infinite EP’ - again collaborating with different artist from all over the world on songs that are all related to Mother Earth.

You can find these songs and videos on


I would like to invite you to an adventure journey through the ancient healing knowledge of the past and cultures. All over the world, over thousands of years, people have created, developed and gathered knowledge about the healing forces of nature. A Treasure chest full to bursting with healing knowledge about the best that natural medicine has to offer.
Let yourself be inspired by techniques such as Tibetan pulse reading and powerful, of mostly unknown medicinal plant formulas, which make you more awake and clearer and able to reveal the essential behind all that seems important.

For whom is the workshop suitable?
- You are interested in foreign cultures and their healing methods.
- You are interested in alternative healing methods because you have also recognized that the orthodox medicine only helps us very insufficiently in the really important areas of life.
- You are against chemistry and for natural healing methods.
- You would like to know if there is a scientifically based natural medicine that can replace chemistry.
- You are looking for new ways to be more alert and aware of your resources and possibilities to give expression. Hobert
Since the age of 24, Dr. Hobert has been researching the healing knowledge of other cultures and has been allowed to look over the shoulder of our planet healers, naturopaths and medicine men and participate in their amazing treatments, in more than 25 countries .
From this, a treasure chest full to bursting with the knowledge of life force developed, health and healing, which he has been practicing successfully for 34 years at Steinhuder Meer.

Dr. Hobert is physician, speaker and author of numerous health councellors as well as specialized books from the field of "ethnomedicine". and


The WILD MAN MOVEMENT sets men in motion and accompanies them on their way to their true nature. We offer the man a protected, free space to experience something about himself and his true nature, to come to his true qualities without having to live up to other people's expectations.

On July 3rd at the Agape Zoe on Corfu, the WILD MAN MOVEMENT offers a TRANCE MOVEMENT in which we meet as brothers. We embark on a sound guided journey with bodies, emotions and consciousness. We dance strength / courage / anger and reach on the other hand self-love / lightness / trust.

"Being wild" can be anything - from animalistic to playful. Everything that nature has made available to you as a man and given for this life, you can use to experience and express yourself. Furthermore, you can free yourself from everything that you have accumulated on your previous life path out of necessity and in routines, which is no longer helpful for you today and perhaps blocks you. To be able to do this in a circle with other men means to learn from each other and above all from each other - an important community experience for the wild man next to all the competition and opposition.

Therefore it is not only an option for the man to get to his nature, but a deep necessity to come into balance and harmony with himself as well as with the feminine. In the workshop we meet as spiritual brothers and embark on a journey with bodies, emotions and consciousness. We dance anger and reach on the other hand self-love we let passion pass and experience depth. The WILD MAN MOVEMENT lets you come to your true qualities without having to be somehow.

The framework of this TRANCE MOVEMENT is held by Adam Rice, who brings in his experience in Energeticwork, Bodywork, Power Yoga, Shamanic Healing, Music & Dance and ensures that the TRANCE MOVEMENT is an intensive experience for you.