AGAPE ZOE Corfu Summer Festival

July 9 - 14, 2023






Born on the tiny Island of Guernsey to a Portuguese family, Gomes channels influences from both sides of her ethnicity, blending the essence of the traditional, emotional and ‘larger than life’ Fado folk music with British progressive modern inspiration.

Diamonds & Demons is the debut album by musician Nessi Gomes, a composer and lyricist of rare invention and beauty. Ensuing tales of darkness and light allow a deeper exploration of the human condition, psyche, collective fears and torments. Nessi and her producer Duncan Bridgeman ('1 Giant Leap’) together dug an uncharted tunnel into the artist's turbulent heart and soul. The album was recorded following a successful fundraising campaign in April 2015 during which more than $50,000 was raised. Nessi toured in the wake of the campaign, playing in 25 European countries in the last 6 years including major festivals in Europe.

Her debit album reveals an authentic and heartfelt search for light, depth, hope and truth; an artistic quest for love and trust. A series of intricately detailed, hauntingly atmospheric and lushly textured Avant-ballads. Here is a musician whose work obliquely references her travails and nods to Björk and Kate Bush but is uniquely her own, with Portuguese inflections and intimations of hope and dread.



Sam Garrett is an English Singer-songwriter whose music highlights his spiritual journey exploring Eastern Philosophy, Meditation, Yoga and Rastafari Wisdom. Lyrically soulful and devotionally talented, Sam’s music uplifts and inspires the hearts and souls of people all over the world. With a skillful combination of vocals and guitar, he lifts the mood with reggae riffs such as ‘Lost In the Moment’ and soothes our busy minds with the soft tones of ‘Higher Than the Mountains,’ offering a unique journey and depth that is rare to experience.

Mooji’s teachings continue to have a profound effect on Sam’s life, which can be found woven throughout the message and essence of his music. Sam’s music is a reflection of his life’s journey thus far, and as his life continues to unfold, his eclectic library of inspirited sounds continue to expand.


Live Set & Dance

Mose is based in Guatemala where cacao ceremonies and ecstatic dance have had a major influence on his productions and DJ style. It is here that he founded regular cacao dances where members of the community have the opportunity to journey deep into dance while held in a ceremonial container, free of alcohol.

Beyond the multicultural rhythms and the steady hypnotic beat, Mose weaves ephemeral chanting of sacred songs and calls to love, kindness and compassion, often bringing in live musicians to create something improvisational connected with that particular place and time. He creates with the intention to set a foundation for self discovery and the cultivation of a present minded state which offers new insights and deeper clarity in ones purpose.

When he is not touring the world or playing these special events in Guatemala, he spends his time going into extended periods of retreat and silence, only to emerge with a deeper, truer and more refined sound. He also supports other emerging artists through his record label Resueño with an intention to bring resonant souls together to create music that uplifts and inspires. The label transcends any particular cultural aesthetic and explores a universal vibration through weaving sounds and languages from around the world. It is also a vehicle for social causes as 50% of all label profits are donated to causes around the world to help those most in need.


Global prayer journey

Netanel is a mentor of soul singing ceremonies around the world. A space that invites and encourages honest connection in shared and powerful singing. A place that allows deep and powerful connection with what lives within us and give it expression with our voice, heart, body & soul. Each such concert is a deeply touching and transformative ceremony. Which creates an unconditional connection between all present. We all influence and are affected by what is created in this sacred spiral. 

We are holy – we are here to live this life

Netanel Goldberg is a unique international voice artist with a tremendous, exciting and powerful vocal range ranging from a connection to high and heavenly frequencies to a penetrating and deep voice, a ladder between heaven and earth, a bridge between the ancient and the new. Netanel grew up on classical, Jewish music. For a family of singers and prayer leaders he has created alternative spaces for prayer .In it for all faith and religion, women, and men can connect - and bring powerful healing for the world. 


Ecstatic Dance

Shaman of Dance, Ecstatic Dance Master, Dance Floor Magician...

Kareem Raïhani has been called many names for the ecstatic journeys he creates world wide on festivals, gatherings, retreats and ceremonies. More then 20 Years, Kareem shares his music world wide and mixes like no other different styles of dance music. Graduated at the Amsterdam High School of Arts – Contemporary Dance Academy, Kareem started his artistic career as a professional theater dance performer. After 10 years of dedication for dance he decided to make others dance. Nowadays, ‘Shaman of Dance’ Kareem Raïhani has become a legend in the Conscious Dance Scene. In many countries he is considered the man that can combine deep, devotional and spiritual music with celebration. His sets are containing most his own productions and remixes. Om Namo Bhagavate By Kareem Raïhani and David Lurey is probably the biggest mantra dance hit so far, streamed and downloaded in more then 50 countries. Kareem’s life and music is close to the heart and to Mother Earth, respecting ancient knowledge and conscious of modern technology.


The Mermaid Dance

Vandana shares her dance method dedicated to women and water.The simple somatic ritualistic movement are inspired by over 100 water cultures around the world. The mermaid dance opens the heart, rises your power, celebrates the sensual body all to become water.

Vandana Hart is the creator and host of We Speak Dance, a global movement, Netflix series and soon to be dance App - connecting people around the world to dance for our planet. We Speak Dance on Netflix (top 10 show list), was pioneered by Vandana Hart. She was a judge on Kenya's "So You Think You Can Dance" and is a UN Global Ambassador for Women’s Rights.



Ecstatic Dance

Music is medicine. My sets are impromptu selections, and tailored to the emotions surfacing on the dance floor within the community. My path through music has been one of personal growth, community, integration and dancing with the shadow. Within my sets you will get glimpses and doses of Latin funk, throbbing bass, ambient strings, tribal drum, conscious floetry, binaural beats and haunting sounds of ancestors and tribes unknown.

Through dance, everyone can discover, unleash, and enhance their individual potential to live a fulfilling and more meaningful life. By engaging our senses and listening to our bodies, we connect to others and shape a consciousness that extends beyond our own.


Live Music

Adrian atma it’s an orchestra in one body, a travel in the whole world in one song, a whisper from the soul. The concert "Mystic Loop" is a very touching experience and the audience often report to have been carried away and elevated. We dive deep into the multilayered auditory experience of the loopstation, acoustic instruments, beatbox groove and voice. Like no other, Adrian blends with virtuosity the sounds of Indian Sitar, Guitar, indian bansuri(flute), Violin and duduk. He takes you on the journey in his mystic universe with flavours of Indian classical, flamenco, shamanic, mantras, middle eastern. The Idea of this project is base on improvisation,  spontaneity and channeling. Therefore the performance is always unique. The same seed songs are performed but  always with variations specific to the moment and the audience.

His first “perlgrimage” to India transform his perspective on  music.  Recorded studio album in 2011 in Jaipur (india) with Rajasthani musicians and later another album in Mexico 2012 with “ the soul fire project”. This great travel in all europe, balkan country, greece, turkey, middle east, Asia, india, and mexico inspired him and gave a great shift to his approach to music!


Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam

Ecstatic Dance is a 2 hour dance journey, in which we move/dance however we wish. No steps required, no talking allowed. Simply dance. The dance will be opened with a short introduction of our guidelines and a physical warming up. The dance itself is lead by a DJ after which the dance is closed with a special momentum. The Dance journey has several “waves” of intensity, from strong expressive up to silent and meditative. A perfect exemple of the ups and downs of life. Ecstatic is being danced all over the world, we all share the passion to bring more depth onto the dancefloor and into your lives. The guidelines of “shoeless, speechless and boozeless” create the contours so this can happen.

Ecstatic Dance Guidelines
• Move however you wish
• Barefeet
• Silence – No talking, instead communicating through dance
• Respect yourself and one another

Yarun Dee  is an artist with a unique style within the Ecstatic Dance Community. Being a resident dj in Amsterdam, he is playing on Ecstatic Dances and Conscious Festivals around the planet. The sets he plays are influenced by tribal shamanic and folkloric sounds from around the world, mixed with the full spectrum of electronic music styles. Dance journey's with a deep flow and some unexpected twists and turns. Dancers experience a deep blissful quality by the dance experience and the feelings that are being touched, while coming to the surface and being released give space to directly experience a freedom and being fully present...

Anybody who loves to dance, move and be playful is welcome. Please bring nice clothing for dancing and a water bottle.


Live Sound Journey

Join this sound journey to lay back, relax and soak up the healing Sophia consciousness sounds of live angelic vocals, interdimensional handpans, deep flute sounds from the East Mediterranean Sea, all created live for each session. 
The journey is focusing on accepting the sovereign Divinity of our humanity with transmissions inspired by Goddesses Isis (Egypt), Aphrodite (Cyprus) and Athena (Greece). 
The effect is deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, even stirring deep emotions, remembering and giving rise to a state of well-being.
By utilising awareness techniques, the recipient can be guided into a state of clarity, balance the chakra centres, and receive messages.  It is common to enter into deep meditative states, realms of wisdom and inner-standing.  Coming out from the stillness, we will sing Medicine Songs together in a circle to uplift our souls, remind ourselves to celebrate life and reconnect to what is sacred.

Marlia Coeur is a sound oracle, a vocal activator & facilitator of human potential expressed through the voice. As a Music Academy coordinator, devotional singer and multi-instrumentalist, she helps people who are disconnected from their voice learn how to express their true voice with purpose and clarity through intentional breathing & vocal encouragement, so they can fully connect to their hearts.  She has journeyed around the world on back-to-back music tours, offering live performances, improvisation experiences, high-energy workshops and immersive retreats. With a growing festival presence, she is a powerful voice in the world of 'Ceremonial/medicine music' and the rising global community of people who are committed to residing in harmony with the Earth.


Ecstatic Dance Berlin

Dance and movement done in the right setting can unleash great transformational and healing powers. Within a ceremonial frame a safe space is created in which the participants connect to themselves and their bodies in a more conscious way. By co-creating and celebrating dance, music and community in this temple of free movement we can enhance our individual potential to live a more fullfilling and joyful life.

Thomas Koch aka Mathami has been a pioneer of the electronic music scene for over 30 years now. Since he discovered the art of Ecstatic Dance in the Sacred Valley of Peru a couple of years ago, he has been shifting his activities towards this alternative dance culture, channeling all his experience as a music selector and curator into this new field to find his very own way of facilitating these events.

Everybody is welcome. Please bring enough to drink to stay hydrated during the dance. If you intend to start (and end) the ceremony in Shavasana position, bring a mat.


Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance is a free-form dance born in Hawaii around the year 2000. It's a non-verbal experience through music and movement, a space beyond the mind where the body can express itself freely, connecting intimately with oneself and/or with the group. Music, as the only guide, offers a collage of different rhythms and melodies. It starts gently, gradually increasing the energy, helping participants  to go beyond stablished limits, creating an atmosphere of connection where everyone feels safe and free to dance, express, have fun, explore, be vulnerable, discover...

Arunji is an acclaimed Ecstatic Dance DJ and one of the pioneers in Europe and Asia, renowned for his ability to create deep, powerful and transformative musical journeys. With a career spanning over a decade, he continues pushing the boundaries of the Ecstatic Dance scene, surprising us with new formulas. He mixes the music with a refined technique that seeks musical harmony and a creative fusion of the rhythms, offering a cohesive and poetic narrative to his sessions.

Arun's passion for Ecstatic Dance is deeply rooted in his study of different forms of dance and meditation, which gave him his sensitive approach, attuning to the needs and energy of each audience. His offering is highly appreciated and he is frequently invited to play for various ecstatic dances, festivals, and retreats all around Europe.

It is suitable for any age and no previous experience is required. Please bring comfortable clothes and water bottle.



"Jagaspace Gong SPA" - Alex and Kaushalya are sound healers, voice and rhythm teachers and Sound healing trainers, composers, songwriters and cacao facilitators, who work internationally at festivals, retreats, concerts, private sessions and ceremonies. They have trained at EMTA (Estonian Music and Theater Academy) as music therapists and also specialised in gong playing, sound massage, and sound bath from master Don Conreaux, in addition to studying Sufi rhythms and framedrums in Turkey. Alex and Kaushalya have developed their own system called 'GongSPA' utilising an approach based in existential psychology and sound healing for relaxation, meditation, transformation and joy. 

Alex and Kaushalya met in 1999 and since that meeting we travelled together through different musical projects and through the magic of life. Their vision has always been to make music which has a therapeutic effect on the people who hear it. This vision has led them to a variety of beautiful instruments and sounds. They use for our work Paiste planetary tuned gong set, singing bowls (Tibetan and Crystal), play and make Ocean -and Frame Drums and introduce other holistic instruments when the feeling is right. "We are very glad that our story has crossed your path, we hope you enjoy our music and that we all continue to discover more about the healing power of sound." 


Sound & Touch

"Sound & Touch" opens a space for you to immerse yourself into the world of Sound and Touch.
Together we will create a space where you have the opportunity to experience for yourself the profound effect that the combination of sound and touch has on body, mind and soul. Sound is a powerful tool that has a very specific effect on our body and mind.
Working with sound is based on the concept of resonance frequency healing, which means that the natural and healthy vibration is restored in our body. In meditation, it soothes our Monkey Mind and provides something for our mind to focus on, similar to chanting mantra. It helps us to move more easily and quickly into other levels of consciousness where we can relax and draw new energy and creativity.  

Touch is nourishment. We need touch to live, because it is an elementary need of us humans. Scientific studies have shown that beneficial touch strengthens our immune system, regulates our nervous system as well as our emotions, and also releases happiness bonding hormones. Touch is the most important type of human connection and it makes us happy.

Let Tanya and her sounds of crystal singing bowls and other instruments gently envelop you and Rika nourish you with her mindful art of touch.




Kalyan is a cellist and multi-instrumentist with several albums on his account.  He has been teaching musicality and the art of listening since 25 years. "Music starts with listening! And - your sensitivity to sound has no limits."
Kalyan's play opens into a deeper spectrum of emotion and sensitivity. Cello and dilruba (Indian string instrument).




Yoga of Self Remembering

Remembering who we are is the journey of this lifetime. Moment by moment, breath by breath we are invited to peel away the veils that limit our understanding of ourselves and of Reality.
This is a path towards greater freedom of being and the full expression of our humanity.
Everything we experience and feel is a portal to deeper awareness and remembrance if we learn to open and welcome it all.
Join Sheila in a somatic meditation practice to slow down and drop deeply into your body and breath. She will support you to come into contact with your ‘felt sense’ in the present moment so that it can guide you exactly where you need to go in this moment of your journey of self remembering. The practice will be both nourishing and enlivening and ultimately whatever you need it to be. This class includes a focus on breath, conscious movement, asana, and practices designed to cultivate presence and self-awareness. Everyone is welcome, as you are.

Sheila Chacko is a teacher, counselor, and guide to people on the journey of Remembering. Her Indian and American origins make her a natural mix of East and West and her studies mirror that with over 20 years on the yogic path combined with western depth psychology and trauma informed counseling/coaching. Her approach is integral and holistic and inspired by a Sufi psycho-spiritual map of the essential aspects of the human being. She currently lives in Umbria, Italy and offers classes, retreats, and individual sessions both locally and online.


Yoga for the soul & music by MoJoh

Join Nariyah for her practice this year ‘ yoga for the soul’. A blissful flow calling us back to our bodies and our hearts. More than just yoga Asana, but a beautiful journey danced by our breath and inner exploration.  A  yin inspired, gentle vinyasa heart opening yoga flow, accompainied by live music from Mo Joh. MoJoh and Nariyah first met on a remote island in the indian ocean where they started collaborating. MoJoh’s uses specific tunings and instruments to allign you with those heart-frequencies. During class both Nariyah as well as MoJoh channel words and messages connecting with their higher selfs which makes each class a unique one and no class like the other.

Everyone is so welcome, this offering is suitable for all levels.

Nariyah has been living in community in Koh Phangan for the last 6 years and now calls Ibiza home.
She is an internationally certified Yoga, Qi Gong and Pilates teacher, a gifted energy healer and qualified bodyworker with over 1,100 hours in qualifications and registered trainings. Mainly schooled in Asia, she brings the traditional ancient lineages to relatable modern day practices, curating classes and meditations based on each individual student and group's needs, for ultimately relieving stress in rebalancing the body and the mind. Nariyah has spent the last few years being invited to guest teach in corporate settings, conscious festivals and yoga studios alike, sharing master classes of Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine, Breath Of Life and Hollistic Yoga Therapy in New York, San Francisco, Zurich, Mexico & Guatemala.
She hosts a wide range of retreats, workshops and Teacher Trainings in Thailand, Switzerland, Spain, Corfu, Berlin and Portugal.

Please bring Yoga mat, props, towel, water refillable water bottle.


4 Elements Yoga Flow

Fire, water, earth, air and space are the elements of the universe. As we move through meditation and yoga we will fuse to oneness with the power around us: the elements. To the beat of deep house we will be supported to flow and let go, allowing space for liquidity, prana, chi and energy. Accompanied by DJ Cosima, Ina will guide you into a loving space that will invite you to connect with your body, mind and soul. 

Let’s dive deep.

Ina is a Yoga teacher, meditation guide, reiki healer, writer and founder of YOGARAUM. Ina has been teaching on various international festivals, organizes and leads retreats and workshops all over the world. She educates and accompanies new teachers and deepens her own path of yoga on all eight limbs with every exchange. She creates a safe and loving space in her classes and teaches with passion, love and devotion.

Berlin based DJ Cosima is a passionate yogi aswell as a rising talent in Berlin's music scene. Blending hypnotic beats with eclectic melodies, she has performed at festivals, club nights, and yoga events around the world. Whether accompanying a yoga class or on the dancefloor, Cosima's music creates a vibrant and immersive atmosphere that takes audiences on a journey of self-discovery and connection. Check out her music at


Embody the Story - Yoga Ritual

This Sadhana is inspired by a Dramatherapeutic technique, and Vedanta's view of the Self, as Vedanta being the Self! Prepare for a Hatha Flow playful, dynamic, and intuitive practice. Storytelling, Music, Effortless Presence, and Group Dynamics. Yoga, among all, can take a form of a mirror, in which you can see all of your life's blockages, dramas, and traumas! During practice, you learn how to see clearly and you can take wise action to help transform what is ready!

Sanny is a trauma-informed Hatha Yoga teacher and Ceremony & Retreat facilitator.
She draws inspiration from her studies in Business, Dramatherapy, as well as Nature, and wonderful friends!
Sanny views Yoga as the easiest way to reconnect with the body and the present moment. Her Yoga classes are focused on sharpening awareness of the 3 levels of body-breath-mind, alignment, and integrating yogic wisdom into everyday life! Her presence is loving, serious, and deep!

Yoga Mats will be provided, feel free to bring your own if you prefer so, comfortable clothes, a water bottle, and a notebook if you include it at your practice


Heart to Heart Yoga

When you are in your own heart, you will be connected with the heart of mother earth and she will protect you and she will feel your vibration of love and appreciation. We choose with every thought, feeling and breath what will happened in the near future.

Right now is the time to remember and to connect to mother earth, to remember how much you are loved. Let's gather with our hearts to raise our vibration for the higher good. Let us come together as a tribe, as children of mother earth. Let us melt into one heart, full of love for our beloved mother earth and the precious creation of life. Let us promise , to never give up on her, to not give in to the fears and to never give up on each other. Love is the most profound, most far-reaching and the least understood energy on this earth. Only through love we will create a paradise which the world has never seen. We will higher our vibration to feel the divine within and without. I am so thankful , with you, to you to celebrate with you. Let us create the vision of a new earth, a new way of living with the deepest appreciation of mother earth. Let us rest in the knowing that after every death there will be a re-birth, it's like the rainbow following the storm. May we see and feel our hearts, not afraid to walk forward, hand in hand, into the greatness, which awaits us.

Let us come together to do yoga, meditate, chant and dance. I am beyond excited to be part of the Agape Zoe Corfu summer festival 2021, and so thankful to Tony and the whole team which makes this gathering possible.
About Oliver:
certified kundalini yoga teacher since 2008, student of yoga since 2001.


Somatic Yoga flow

Welcome yourself home into your body temple with a gentle flow classes. Slowing down and moving in waves with presence and grace. A fusion of traditional Hata yoga sequences, ancient Shaolin Martial art techniques and Somatic movement that bring a particular fluidity and ease to the practice. Laila loves to take her students on an embodiment journey to reconnect to themselves more fully. To feel, sense and connect to the body, breath and mind more deeply. Her classes are process-oriented, looking for a quality of movement that enhances awareness, inner spaciousness and freedom. It is an invitation to explore and experience natural pathways of moving and being.

All levels of yoga experience welcome. Bring your curiosity , willingness to explore and feeling yourself.

Laila spent 8 years of her life living in India, where she developed her teaching skills during 4 years in the Iyengar Yoga tradition under the guidance of an Indian Master. She continued her studies in different forms of Yoga with teachers of various backgrounds including Yin, Restorative, Scaravelli – inspired Yoga, Yoga Synergy, Calligraphy Yoga and Vipassana meditation. She is also a somatic movement coach, knowledgeable in various healing techniques as well as being a trained dancer. Laila has been teaching yoga since 2006, dividing her time between India, Morocco, Malta, France, Germany, UK and Italy and is now living with her family in Corfu.


Anahata Yoga



Ecstatic Heart Yoga

Without listening to the voice of our heart, we will never feel complete. This workshop is an invitation to let go of mental barriers, beliefs and conditioning from the past. And to drop into the present moment full of joy, desire and love.
"We all have one thing in common: we all have different minds, we all have different bodies, but we have one soul, we are part of one soul. If we can see the soul in each other and relate to it, find it, understand it, respect it, then that oneness will be forever." Yogi Bhajan

 To be expected:
* Kundalini Yoga Kriya to centre in the heart.
* Exercise with partner (if necessary, according to Covid19 regulations)
* Meditation
* Dance

Caroline is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, physiotherapist, body worker and founder of O-YOGA, a yoga studio and healing space in Berlin. Following the calling of her soul she offers retreats and seminars. She teaches Teacher Training (Berlin and San Francisco) with a focus on alignment, western and eastern medicine and brings the tantric aspect of Kundalini Yoga to the fore.

You are welcome - with or without previous experience. With whatever you bring 🙂 A yoga mat would be good.


Yin & Yang Chi Kung

Thomas feels honoured to offer a Chi Kung (Qi Gong) workshop during Agape Zoe. During this workshop we will practice together two different kind of Chi Kung taught by the Nam Yang School. Two very powerful practices with two different goal, Tong Ling Chi Kung(Yin) is great for gentle wake-up & grounding before an active day while Vein & Tendon Chi Kung(Yang) is amazing at building internal power & elasticity within the body. Thomas will also offer continuation of the practice following the festival on the beach of Arillas.

Thomas has been a Kung Fu & Meditation Instructor from the Nam Yang Pugilistic Association since 2017. He has trained and worked as an instructor at the Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat in Thailand while also offering independent teaching through classes, seminars and retreats around the world. Thomas' passion for Kung Fu is rooted in his journey to find Balance , Inner Strength and Vitality through the practice. The Kung Fu practice that he teaches is an integration of Meditation and Martial Arts and leads to a more complete lifestyle where the mind and body become connected and grow together in harmony.




Alliyana Movement

'Alliyana', derived from the Quechua language of South America, means to heal, cure or recover. Alliyana Movement, founded by Daniel Sonic Rojas, is a unique art form that presents simple, yet powerful forms of movement to evolve and heal our connection to our body and spirit.
This integrative and holistic practice helps to move energy along meridian channels, clear toxins & stagnant energy, prevent & rehabilitate injuries, and to bring creativity and inspiration to one's movement practice. Expect to feel aligned, integrated, invigorated and energised.


Vocal Odyssey

Vocal Odyssey is a deep yet playful self-inquiry journey of discovery into the mystery and healing forces of our most intimate musical instrument – our voice.
The process aims to pierce through the voices in our heads and to open a door for a new relationship between us and the transformative quality of our vocal expression. To bring us a bit closer to our beautiful, raw, wild and imperfect human flow.
The voice is our bridge to something bigger than ourselves; it is our connection to the prayer we carry. In this group we will reconnect to the simple and natural way of expressing our authentic voice beyond judgments, painful beliefs and limiting conditionings.

Born on the tiny Island of Guernsey to a Portuguese family, Singer-Songwriter Nessi Gomes channels influences from both sides of her ethnicity, blending the essence of the traditional, emotional and ‘larger than life’ Fado folk music with British progressive modern inspiration.
Her acclaimed debut album Diamonds & Demons was released in October 2016 and received lots of media attention and radio support in Europe and the UK. Since she played in 30 countries including major festivals and stages. Parallel she created the ever-growing Vocal Odyssey workshops and retreats that encourage participants to meet with the spirit of their voice. Thousands have already experienced the process under her guidance.  


The Shadow Dancer- The Path from Trauma to Tantra

This workshop is a space for integrating and learning to dance with the shadow. We will within our time together first descend into the body to meet the breath, to meet any pain, grief, fear or mystery that lies in the exiled aspects of self. We will bring them into the space and give them the nurturance and support they need to feel seen, acknowledged and embodied. And most importantly we will dance, we will dance with our whole selves, all aspects. It will be cathartic, melodic, deep, ugly and raw.

Our Echo, Giesel, has been a seeker of sorts my entire life. She has spent countless years following an intuition somewhere deeply embedded within her that ushered her forward. Her path was messy, unclear, and quite troubled. Through trial and error and a well of suffering, angst, and self-pity, she had a few wake-up calls that brought her out of her victimization and into conscious choiceful living. ​She cannot change the past. She did not know what she know now, about herself, about relating, about accountability and about curiosity. What she can do is have compassion, empathy and space for the parts of her that in their deep grief burned bridges and connections. What she can do now is slow down and feel into what she is needing at any given moment to feel safe so that she may not project her fears onto the world around her. Here she is on the other side of her victimization with an objective in this life to help others come out of theirs. May she be a resource, a tool, a guide to assisting others to come back home to themselves, to their center, to their truth, to love over illusion.


The Temple of the Pristess

„We cannot align with our nature because our true nature is not linear."

A magical journey to connect to all aspects of the goddess, ourselves and life itself. In sacred ceremony we call in the divine aspects of the child, the lover, the mother, the crone, air, fire, water and earth as we circle through the cardinal directions and explore the deep connection to ourselves and all there is. We pray and we dance, we evoke and we embody, in a modern version of the traditions of the priestesses before us. We are the priestesses of this time. This is our temple.



Lichtatmung® by Vidya and Klaus C. Ulbricht is a simple, undogmatic and very effective Conscious Breathwork format in which intense trance breathing and modern energy therapy merge. Through conscious and deep breathing, personal and collective processes of change and transformation can be initiated, and an expanded state of consciousness can be experienced. In the breath-induced trance, one's own potentials can be recognized, experiences integrated, and old programs dissolved. Personal strength and emotional liberation can be experienced and perceived as a deep connection with oneself, nature, and the universal whole. A feeling of relief, liberation, bliss, unity, and connectedness can arise. Generally, Lichtatmung is suited for everybody. In the case of pregnancy, shortly after surgery, during acute psychological illness, acute or chronic cardiovascular disease or under the influence of psychopharmaca, we ask you to contact us prior to participation.

Vidya & Klaus C. Ulbricht are founders of naou® and inventors of Lichtatmung®.
Klaus has gained a reputation over the last 30 years as a founder and manager in the creative industries. Meanwhile, his work focuses on the human side, assisting in uncovering the root causes of harmful behavioral patterns and transforming them into potentials. Klaus trains breathwork teachers and energy therapists, works with energetic healing and neo-shamanism and also has far reaching experience in coaching, crisis management and change management for decision makers and creatives.
Vidya is a cultural anthropologist, breathwork therapist, and trained in various shamanic traditions, yoga, and alternative healing methods. In her therapeutic and teaching work (breathwork teacher trainings, meditation), Vidya draws from her 40 years of meditation practice. Working with women, particularly through breathwork and „Wild Woman Dance" (trance dance) is another focus of her work. With naou she follows her heart's desire to make consciousness tools accessible to all people in a simple and natural way. 


Sacred Truth ~ Neo Tantra Workshop

Karolina invites you for Neo Tantra workshop called *'Sacred Truth'* It's gonna be an empirical journey of diving into your authentic self and then connecting with others from the place of consent and honesty. You gonna experience the medicine of loving truth and her impact. Truth isn't always comfortable, but definitely can bring a lot of liberation. Karolina will share tools which help to navigate our emotional inner world. She will also offer practices which activate our physical, energetic and spiritual body. You gonna practice: * Presence for whatever arise in you & how to embody it. * How to release stuck emotions and liberate yourself from whatever doesn't serve you anymore * Transparent communication & nonverbal communication * Feeling and expressing our boundaries * Energetic sensitivity and practices on subtle body * Opening up to the Flow of life Karolina Karwan, tantra facilitator & masseur, musician & friend, filmmaker, cosmopolitan dancer of life <3 She is part of the Tantra movement in Poland, Europe and Mexico. She finished one year tantric massage course for certified tantra masseurs by Freya & Hawken in Poland. She learned from Santoshi & Kristin Magnus (Tantra for women, Ibiza tantra festival), Shachar Caspi (Art of Love intensive, Shamanic Mysteries, Facilitator Training), Zola Dubnikova, (two months women retreat in India), Zenon Dorje (Kashmiri tantra massage course). She has been working at Tantra festivals in Mexico, Ibiza and Croatia. Tantra changed and transformed her life. She is inspired to share those powerful tools and her healing sessions & workshops with others who are in need or feel called to receive.


Singing Freedom

A Transformational Voice Workshop with Igor Ezendam & Arianna Artioli
This singing workshop will support us turning inwards with heart-focused sound as a tool for self-development, discovering new ways to dissolve tensions, open the channel of communication and hear the clear harmonics in our voice. On your journey of courage and self-expression, personal growth and authentic communication you will be supported by Igor & Arianna. Their goal is to help liberate, feel and love our voice, to free our vital energy and discover ourselves through the sound of our voices. Igor discovered for himself the positive effects of sound for self knowledge and healing and now has 30 years of experience in his field. Arianna's caring presence, poignant humor and emotional sensitivity help bring people back on track into love through truthful processing of old traumas. 
This vocal laboratory is for anyone wishing to free their voice, develop vocal harmonics and feel more empowered.


Men circle - I see you

We will open a space where we will allow stories from our lives to gain visibility and recognition. The space will be based on agreements from the North American listening circle. A place that enables a new kind of listening - listening through the heart, speaking from the heart, telling our authentic personal story from a place without consequences, a place that takes full responsibility for our life experiences. We will work with materials of life. Stories in our lives that have not received visibility and recognition. We will open the gates of vulnerability in a soft and present way that creates closeness, we will allow room for all emotions to express themselves. We can forgive, we can love, we can get closer to each other and to ourselves a little more.

In addition to being a musician and leader of ceremonies in recent years Netanel have accompanied and held spaces of openness, vulnerability and sensitivity for men. A space where we allow all our life experiences a place to express ourselves. A place of visibility and recognition of who and what we are and what we have been through in this life. He is also a member of a men's circle that has been going through for 5 years where we accompany each other and we become witnesses for each other's journey. This is an endless space of in-depth learning for Netanel, as a man, as a partner, as a child and as a human being.


Kirtan Mantras & Sacred Songs

Kirtan Mantras and Sacred Songs with Sacha
Sacha Heath will lead a heart opening, musical workshop of gentle mantras and sacred songs to free the voice, still the mind and drop into deep states of meditative bliss. We will sing together many mantras and in addition to the simple joy of singing together Sacha will also share the meaning of each song so that you can dive deeper into the words and find ways of using each mantra to bring deeper healing and light to you, in your life in this moment.

Yoga mats will be provided, if you like. 
Please bring water to drink and an open mind 🙂

Sacha Heath
is a yoga, meditation and mantra teacher. Her love of yoga, meditation and mantras began when she was just 11 years old, and she has continued these practices for over 20 years. She believes the joys of yoga should be accessible for everyone has had the honour of teaching thousands of people both in-person and online, at retreats, workshops, classes and festivals internationally. She lives between the Greek island of Corfu and the UK with her husband Ben, 2 children, 2 rather pampered dogs and a small tribe of cats...


Natural Movements

Movement as a bride to bonding Deep-Inner Journeys with Anva Goldberg. This journey is an intimate meeting with your own movement, with your expressive, wise body. It is a deep study where the wisdom of the body is the guide. All we have to do is surrender and dance from a space of un-knowing & new listening. We will move alone, together, will embrace & be embraced,  at times having a glimpse into the feeling of bonding & oneness. Insights arise, emotions can float. We dance all that is alive in us in the present moment. You are invited to dive into your inner fountains which awaken hearts and connect you to your inner essence, to the nature in you.

For anyone who wants to experience intimacy with life through movement. This journey is suitable for all genders ages 18 - 70+

Anva comes from the world of healing, dance & art. Natural movement was born from desire that came to her from a lot of physical pain that she suffered in the first 3 years of her life. It created disconnection with her own body & soul. Then the desire to heal has led her to a movement that creates bonding between them. Anva met spiritual dance teachers. She went into deep studies where we danced every step of life (dancing our biography).  She continued to explore with a group of women movement as reflection of life. She looks at nature and around her, inside her, from curiosity to meet herself, meet people, understand the material of life through the body. Anva lives in Israel with her partner and beloved Netanel.

Please bring:
* Comfortable clothing to dance
* Bottle of water
* Writing Notebook  paper + Writing pen


Sound and Voice Journey

Alice Rose is a sound healer, singer, and composer known for her captivating vocal explorations and transformative live performances. Her journey into music began at a young age, as she discovered her passion for singing and songwriting. Alice spent years honing her craft, studying music theory and performance, and exploring different genres and techniques.

As Alice's musical journey progressed, she became increasingly interested in the healing power of sound. She began to incorporate elements of meditation and sound therapy into her music, using her voice to create immersive sonic landscapes that transport listeners to new realms of consciousness. Drawing on a range of influences, from traditional chants to contemporary electronic music, Alice's soundscapes are both otherworldly and deeply rooted in the human experience. She plays viola and autoharp and builds soundscapes with her voice.

Over the course of her career, Alice has released six albums, each showcasing her unique voice and evolving musical vision. Her live performances are immersive, interactive journeys that incorporate sound healing, meditation, and visual art. Whether performing solo or collaborating with other artists, Alice's concerts are always a unique and transformative experience.

In addition to her work as a musician, Alice is also a dedicated sound healer and teacher. She has developed a range of workshops and training programs that help people explore the healing power of sound and music, and has worked with individuals and groups around the world to help them connect with their own inner voices and find new pathways to healing and self-discovery.



Zen & Tantra

In this session we will explore the common and different views from Zen and Tantra and share basic, practical, but fundamental techniques and philosophy from both traditions.

In addition, we will meditate to the rare and deep sound of the Japanese Zen flute, the Shakuhachi and the Indian flute, Bansuri.
The essence of both traditions is coming to a state of alignment and awareness, and live the full potential of this mysterious gift called Life.

Pepe has been called by the media “the embodiment of World Music”. He has also taught Sound Healing, Yoga and Zen Meditation internationally for over thirty years. His performance weaves a magic tapestry of Sacred Music traditions with a touch of Jazz and Electronica. Pepe is a virtuosic multi instrumentalist that has traveled the world over to study diverse musical traditions and spiritual teachings.

Please bring comfortable clothing and open hearts.




Past Life Regression

Marije Terluin is a Past Life Regressionist, and owner of Wondersnevercease. Marije studied at the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy (QHHT) of Dolores Cannon. She offers both 1:1 regressions in her office in Berlin, and group workshops.

This 2-hour group workshop is a fun and easy way to experience hypnosis, and discover a past life. Most people have lived many lives; however, the one you will experience in the workshop is the one your Higher Self picks for you to see. It will be a past lifetime that offers information that will benefit you in your present-day life.

The workshop consists of 3 different exercises, and there will be lots of interaction in between the exercises. Doing a past life regression feels much like a guided meditation. During hypnosis you are always in your own control, and will feel relaxed and refreshed, when the workshop is done.

Please bring the following:

  • Notebook and pen
  • Yoga mat
  • Water
  • A blanket + eye mask (optional)

Best way to prepare:

  • Don’t drink any coffee or alcohol before the workshop
  • Make sure you eat beforehand
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Have no expectations and come with an open mind!


Lucid Dreaming

This Lucid Dreaming session guided by Christian is an immersive experience and designed to take your body and your mind from a busy state to space of calmness and rest. Instead of “do” we will just “be”. Instead of “think” we will “feel”. Instead of “rush” we will “rest”. Accompanied by experimental music, this session will consist of deep relaxation techniques that intend to bring us to states between consciousness and sleep. We will lie in stillness and experience the magic of Lucid Dreaming together. 30 minutes of Lucid Dreaming equal 2 hours of your usual sleep. It is proven to help to relieve stress and tension, to rejuvenate the body, increase concentration, decompress and recover. This effortless practise brings many benefits - physically and mentally. It can also allow you to release unresolved unconscious issues that are playing an unwanted role in your daily life. After the session you will leave in a soothing state, rested and ready for the rest of the day. Lucid Dreaming is about finding your inner peace and calm, letting go of your day and your worries, finding clarity. Give yourself the gift of resting. Lucid Dreaming is for people who seek immersive experiences, like to dive inwards and people who are into meditation and transcendental journeys.
Workshop supplies for participants

Christian grew up in Berlin and completed Law, Economics and Praxeology Studies in his hometown and Madrid. As he perceived that the limits of theoretical and book-knowledge were reached, he was led to turn to Yoga and Meditation. As a certified Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga teacher since 2018, he teaches Breathwork, Ecstatic Dance, Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga as well as Yoga Nidra and Meditation. Yoga, Music, Breath and Meditation are gates to different and higher planes of consciousness and perception, Christian's sessions are structured and designed in deep respect to the potential of these techniques. He teaches Yoga and Meditation at Green Yoga in Berlin.


Soul Medicine

An adventure journey through the ancient healing knowledge of times and cultures. Ethnomedicine gets to the bottom of the secrets of strength and inner healing, recognizing that healing always begins at the soul level.
With the groundbreaking power of highly effective plant formulas in combination with traditional ceremonies, rituals and a wide variety of forms of energy work body and mind can be cleansed and brought into a stable balance. In this way, forces can be awakened that can lead us to our highest potential. Gates of metamorphosis to a happy, healthy and meaningful life open and wait for us to bravely step through.

At the end: Satsang - communication with the heart of  world medicine


Future Families

Birth impacts everyone because we’ve all been born. Our Birth Story is our Birthright and contains the blueprint for our future engagement with Life. Our Birth Story is a foundational piece of the puzzle of becoming who we are. By remembering our birth stories we embody more of our unique and authentic essence. How we ourselves experience our birth journeys from conception to birth will, in turn, influence the way we birth and parent our future babies.

How you prepare for the future conception of your baby, your pregnancy and birth will impact your baby’s future as well as all of our futures as family, friends and communities. What are the needs of future babies and how can you best prepare yourself for them? We can contribute to the future well-being of our planet and our humanity by creating new paradigms at birth.

This workshop is for you if you might be a future parent, a sister or a brother, an auntie or an uncle. All are welcome if you feel the call, it takes a community to raise a child after all. We are creating this new Earth together.

Sophia is an aquatic perinatal therapist, a newborn and baby swimming educator as well as a pregnancy and birth doula. By remembering her own birth journey while immersed in warm water Sophia began to see birth from a baby’s perspective. She is a founding member of the Pregnancy and Birth Network of Kerkyra and is working towards establishing natural out-of-hospital births as a safe and desirable option on the island of Corfu.

Please come dressed to move freely, bring your willingness to dive deep within, any questions, or fears you wish addressed and perhaps a comforting item like a pillow or a scarf.

This workshop will take place on land.


Human Design System

Human Design System is a science of self-discovery and uniqueness. It is a logical system that combines the wisdom of Astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, the Chakra system and Quantum physics.
The greater gift of Human Design System is the decision-making. It can show you how to consistently make the right choices in your life; and is a way of allowing your body's intelligence to guide you.

Are you aware of the impact that your aura may have about who is close to you and vice versa?
Who are you and who are the other?
Where it begins and ends your reality?
How can you make a decision properly respecting yourself?

These and other issues will be addressed during the experiential inter-active presentation of Human Design System. In particular we will look at the different genetic families that are in the world right now and the strategy of life linked to them.
To participate in this enlightening program is needed to know your birth time, and print/ download for free your own map of Auric design (RAVE CHART) by going to the website.

Shanti Reema is a projector 4/6 splenic. What she loves about her work and is helping others to recognize and experience the beauty and perfection of their being. She has been in the design from 2004 and  still loves it! Knowledge is the first step to transcendence. Life is a mystery to be lived not a battle or a load to carry on your shoulders.
Love Yourself!






Kambo and plant medicine work for westerners

This Talk is about benefits and consequences of ancestral medicines from South American (but not only) countries for people with western bodies and western minds. Its focus is on the importance of preparation and integration for a healthy and balanced healing process and development within our modern society model.


Filippo is a researcher in the field of healing plants, ancient rituals, meditation and mindfulness, on human behaviours and body/mind healing. He started his studies of "alternative" ancestral medicines in 2014 in Colombia. He collaborated with medicine Men and Women, with original communities in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil. He deepened the connection with medicines from that part of the world by studying and dieting with the indigenous communities of Cofan, Shipibo, Yawanawa and Huni Kuin people. He is initiated to the medicine of Kambo and the rapeh from teachers (Taitas, Pajes) in the Amazonian Forest.


Star Gazing, Myths and Astrology

Finding inspiration and mirroring in the sky. We will look at the main constellations in the sky, getting to know myths and tales of ancient times, and talking about the important lessons we can learn through the astrological moment. This Session is for people, who are fascinated by stars, mythic figures, psychology and who would like to understand how what we live "down here" is a perfect reflection of what happens in the sky.

Aldebaran has been working with astrology for 25 years. She teaches it in her school Athanor in Switzerland, gives private and couple consultations, and help people to integrate the energies of planets and signs embodying them through movement, breathwork, creative expression and much more.



Conscious Sexuality

Sexuality does not equal Sex!: an interactive Talk about Conscious Sexuality

Sexuality does not equal sex
Aliveness does not equal body
Presence does not equal attention
Meditation does not equal concentration

What truly connects us with ourselves is increased Sensitivity and not Intensity!

Are we truly here?
Are we in these bodies?
Are we in our emotions?
Are we We?

Where do we go when we run away?
Where do we come back?

The energy is neutral. It doesn’t priorities our Pain Bodies or Pleasure Bodies, but the most walked energetic Paths do that. Yes... we are here to recognise that we are alive! No more, no less. Through everything we experience, the soul just wants to be conscious of it’s own existence... This is an open Talk, following the energy, the curiosity and maybe the courage. We might have questions, where answers are to be found...

Ignatiana is a seeker, like everyone else. Born with the ability to communicate and travel on the other side, she’s enjoying building bridges between “here” and “there” her whole life. Diving deep for more than 30 years into the practice of meditation / ancient yoga / spiritual psychology / trauma integration / conscious sexuality... she’s enjoying integrating ancient wisdom into daily life.
In the end is just about contemplating life to its fullest! “What do you do right before “self-realisation”?
....Nothing!!! ”


Opening ceremony with traditional Greek dance & music

Many traditional folk dances of Greece are remainings of older, ancient ceremonial dances and as in all ages and many cultures, dances were used to honour the divine, to heal , to establish and confirm the connection with the earth and with the community and to celebrate the initiation and transition rites . Together with Marlia Coeur , we will revisit the greek folk dances and music , tracing their connection with the land that they belong, so we can experience them as a source of knowledge , joy, grief and connection in a non-verbal frame.

Paraskevi Terzi is a greek dancer, artist, choreographer and teacher that has also studied History-Archaeology and introduction to Dance Therapy. She lives in Corfu. She has worked with kids and adults in Greece and in Germany. In Berlin she founded the dance collective Somanauts, where she introduced her method of dance as an evolutionary tool that connects dance with nature, its elemental forces and rythms. Her approach integrates tools gained by her extensive studies in various contemporary and traditional styles, as well as breath, sound and movement practices. Her work is influenced by cultures and ages where dances are used as an essential element of socialization, communication and transition from one stage of life to another.