*5000 years in a small capsule - „Smart Medicine“ transcends Chemistry

I would like to invite you to an adventure journey through the ancient healing knowledge of the past and cultures. All over the world, over thousands of years, people have created, developed and gathered knowledge about the healing forces of nature. A Treasure chest full to bursting with healing knowledge about the best that natural medicine has to offer.
Let yourself be inspired by techniques such as Tibetan pulse reading and powerful, of mostly unknown medicinal plant formulas, which make you more awake and clearer and able to reveal the essential behind all that seems important.

For whom is the workshop suitable?
- You are interested in foreign cultures and their healing methods.
- You are interested in alternative healing methods because you have also recognized that the orthodox medicine only helps us very insufficiently in the really important areas of life.
- You are against chemistry and for natural healing methods.
- You would like to know if there is a scientifically based natural medicine that can replace chemistry.
- You are looking for new ways to be more alert and aware of your resources and possibilities to give expression.

Dr.md.Ingfried Hobert
Since the age of 24, Dr. Hobert has been researching the healing knowledge of other cultures and has been allowed to look over the shoulder of our planet healers, naturopaths and medicine men and participate in their amazing treatments, in more than 25 countries .
From this, a treasure chest full to bursting with the knowledge of life force developed, health and healing, which he has been practicing successfully for 34 years at Steinhuder Meer.

Dr. Hobert is physician, speaker and author of numerous health councellors as well as specialized books from the field of "ethnomedicine".

www.drhobert.de and www.ethnomed.de