AGAPE ZOE Corfu Summer Festival 2021


July 11 - 16, 2021

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When was the last time you felt truly free? When did you last feel that open, blissful state that comes from truly connecting and belonging to yourself, to others and to the rich land beneath your feet? Or dip those feet into a warm crystalline sea at sunrise before they dance you into waves of ecstasy under a blanket of summer stars that very same night?

Next summer, on the magical “Mermaid Island” of Corfu, Greece, we are gathering a sweet tribe of lovers, visionaries, musicians, dancers, healers, and sacred souls to revel in the freedom and expansion we create when we come together in community, artistry, movement, and reverence for this sweet blessed journey of life.

AGAPE ZOE brings you a festival like you’ve never experienced before. Join us for a sun-soaked midsummer week, as we deep-dive into ourselves and community through yoga, music, dance, breathwork, meditation and greek culture with renowned local and international artists and healers.

We’ll gather at the legendary open-air temple of GAYATRI MANDIR, in Arillas, surrounded by fairytale olive groves and breathtaking sunset views over the Ionian Sea. Come experience for yourself why they call the Mandir THE “most beautiful outdoor dance floor in the world.” We dare you not to fall in love.

Join us in paradise next summer and let‘s see what magic we can create together.

Discover the secret of YAMASTÉ!

As it is the peak holiday season, we recommend that you book as early as possible!

Please contact us, if you have any questions.

for more pictures and videos of Corfu see Galerie


SuperEarly Bird 333 € (until May 31st, 2020)
Regular 399 €



The ticket includes the participation of the AGAPE ZOE Corfu-Summerfestival program. Travel and accommodation is not included.


In case of cancellation, we retain 50%of the amount paid at reservation.

We assume no liability for changes regarding the festival program, changes regarding the venue of the respective program item, or changes regarding the overall festival venue. This also applies to short-term changes. Festival participants can find out about any possible upcoming program & location modifications via or through the „AGAPE ZOE Corfu-Summerfestival Group“ Facebook group.


The Gayatri Mandir is an outdoor temple designed to support ones opening of the heart in a natural setting of magnificent sunsets seen across the Ionian sea.

You can reach the Gayatri Mandir within walking distance from the beach as well as numerous restaurants and hotels of Arillas.
There are no parking facilities around the festival area. If you want to travel by car, please park near the beach and walk the rest of the way to Mandir by foot.
If you need help with access to the Mandir, please contact us at and we will be happy to help.

Agiou Georgiou 490 81,
Arillas, Griechenland
Coordinates: 39.7389167,19.6549152 *

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