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AGAPE ZOE Corfu Retreat


August 3rd - 7th, 2020

Arillas, Corfu

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The secret world of our abdomen – Our connection to the source

The abdominal cavity is probably the most important in our body to keep us alive and yet quite neglected sometimes as we know so little. Our health is dependent on the status of it, both on the physical and psychological level.

This is an area of vitality, a vessel of our emotions, a precious secret- keeper who holds countless memories. It’s the area where we make decisions based on our gut feeling.

Thai people have this saying: “If you hold toxicity “there”, you have toxicity in the way you think and act in life”. And they are so right! 

Are you ready to join us on this sacred journey?

Would you like to transform your abdomen and enhance your sensuality?


In these 5 days we will learn  how to

- let go of the hidden burdens that are stuck and we will detox this area (energetically)
- nourish and energize it
- massage it
- establish a deeper and longer-lasting connection with it
- open the energy lines and regain your sensuality 

Main areas of focus

Psychology of the organs
Fascia, scars (from surgery) and trauma
The art of eating and how-to for a perfect digestion
Energy lines

Additionally, together we will work on

the ritual of the food, breathing issues, general idea about illnesses connected to this area (eg. constipation, toxicity, fatigue, skin issues, obesity, lower back pain, cancer, mobility issues, feminine energy both in men and women, panic attack, inner child work and general guidance for fasting).

Please note: this will be not a fasting retreat, as fasting requires another type of structure.

This retreat is ideal for those who would like to understand how this area is connected to their thoughts, traumas from the past, aka memory in the body, how to become participants in their self-healing journey, as they learn the steps and become comfortable in treating themselves with a massage.Becoming aware of these connections creates the base for more clarity in the decision- making process.

Roula Papathanasiou is working closely with people who carry shame about their bodies, in this area particularly and helps them to open in the possibility for acceptance.

People who have attended a similar workshop in the past have reported that they felt lighter, a sense of goodness in their bodies, a wave of vitality coming from within and they gained consciousness about themselves. The vast majority of them reported improved and healthier function of this area.

They were surprised to see the results of their work on their bodies, how this has affected the abdomen externally (shape) and internally (healthier function) and they felt content about it.

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Retreat ticket 299,- €  (incl. tax & fee)


  • daily Yoga routine- fluid movement
  • Breakfast
  • Sound Bath
  • Workshop, Teaching, Meditation
  • Massage Oil and Equipment for the practice
  • a special Ceremony on the last day

The ticket does not include: travel/getting there, accommodation, private sessions, lunch/dinner  

Max. number of participants: 20


A typical day will be like this:

08.30-09.30    Yoga-Fluid movement (Arianna, Sasha)
09.30-10.15     Breakfast
10.30-14.00     Retreat Practice and Meditation by your hostess Roula - Sound bath by Igor 

Rest of the day: Free to enjoy yourself and life in beautiful Arillas, to share your experience with your friends, but mostly to embody the experience in your everyday activities and to come fully into your body. This will be a safe space for you to welcome parts of yourself back to you.

Hiking, snorkeling, swimming, dancing and boat tours are only a few of the things to do in Arillas.

The Retreat will be in ENGLISH


The space where the retreat will take place is uniquely situated in nature, surrounded by olive trees and a beautiful garden. Once there, one can hear the birds singing, the vivid sounds of summer in combination with the calmness of the area. The connection to the soil- mother Earth and the light breeze are giving this place a magical aura for soul expansion. 

The exact location, how to get there and other details will be announced shortly before the retreat.

We look forward to having you with us!

Agiou Georgiou 490 81,
Arillas, Griechenland


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