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AGAPE ZOE Corfu Retreat


August 3rd - 7th, 2020

Arillas, Corfu


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In her abdominal sessions, she works on the fascia, detoxification and memory even since childhood, pregnancy issues, poor digestion, energy lines, irritated bowel syndrome and many more.  You will feel the difference! It's like a Botox after a couple of sessions (depending on the issue). You feel lighter and healthier afterwards.The abdominal healing massage is a therapy that goes beyond the mind, because we focus on the 2nd brain of the human body that is connected subconsciously with our choices, memory, traumas, our everyday comfort and sensuality- sexuality.

For detailed information please visit http://roulapapathanasiou.com
Email: info@roulapapathanasiou.com
Facebook: Human Stasis – Roula Papathanasiou
Youtube channel: Roula Papathanasiou


for CV infos please look at the Facilitators Section

Individual sessions with Igor help remembering how to relax, without judgement, allowing full vital and vocal potential to be expressed. In these sessions you can let go with a loving guide in a safe space. Learn vocal harmonics, deepen vocal work already begun or overcome old traumas and fears related to expression. Discover your belly power, full breath and body balance, no mind. No need of experience, just courage! 

Igor's Soundmassage is a very effective method for deep relaxation using the sound of the voice and didgeridoo. Applying vocal harmonics directly onto the body has surprisingly releasing effects on the energy body.  The deep sounds and vibrations of the didgeridoo, ancient ritual instrument of the Australian Aborigines, gently massage the tissues of the body, helping to release tension, giving the person a great sense of well-being.  Sessions take place in a music therapy room at the event space.


for CV infos please look at the Facilitators Section

Arianna shares her wisdom through Bach Flowers, Possibility Management (Life coaching and Emotional Healing) and Lomi Lomi Massage. Inspired by the teachings of ancestral Hawaiian family rituals, Lomi Lomi massage is a loving touch that supports the flow of energy in the whole body. It usually starts with a chant, a blessing or prayer asking for whatever healing is needed to take place during the massage. The warm oil nourishes skin and body, while the flowing and rhythmic movements of full hand, palms and forearms create an embrace that soothes and energises the body while calming the mind. 

Some people have described this experience as feeling like gentle waves moving over the body, several people have reported an increased sense of wellbeing that lasted for days after the massage, others have felt a deep nourishing and soothing touch. So far, all the people that Arianna has touched have come out from the session with a big smile, saying that this intimate ritual has allowed them to take a deep inner journey.  Sessions take place in a therapy room at the event space.



Sophia Michalopoulou is an aquatic perinatal therapist, an educator who works with water, as well as a conscious pregnancy and birth doula who runs classes, workshops and retreats internationally. Her base is on the island of Corfu, Greece where she grew up and where her love of water lead to the creation of Water Happy and the vision for The Mermaid Island.

"I am fascinated about the ways water evolves us as human beings from conception, birth and beyond."

Sophia works with water to support human beings of all ages to feel at home in their bodies and themselves.

Session Description:
Immersed in warm water our body unfolds. WATER helps us remember more of who we are.

It gently releases "ANASA" which means the breath of life in Greek and softens that which has been held onto so that we can gently let it go. Water's medicine is in the way it engages the breath more deeply, in the ebb and flow of its natural movement, in the lightness of its being which allows our bodies to feel a softer place to inhabit and in the compassion of its total acceptance.

Simply floating in warm water offers a deep sense of rest and nourishment as our body restores and regenerates itself. How deep you wish to go below the water's surface depends on your own breath and on your allowing. 

Sessions take place in a 2m wide hot-tub. Swimming ability is not essential. (Sophia provides also a 20 min taster session).

For more information go to www.waterhappy.net


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