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AGAPE ZOE Corfu Retreat


August 3rd - 7th, 2020

Arillas, Corfu



With 14 years of experience, Roula Papathanasiou travels the world offering healing sessions, retreats and workshops. She is also available for online empowerment sessions. Many wonderful teachers have influenced her unique journey and helped her find her way and herself, so she could share her wisdom with over 4000 people (recorded sessions till the present day). She is facilitating people to witness their beauty and helps them to discover their self -healing ability and the connection with their sacred, divine self.

For detailed information please visit http://roulapapathanasiou.com

Email: info@roulapapathanasiou.com
Facebook: Human Stasis – Roula Papathanasiou
Youtube channel: Roula Papathanasiou



Dutch born singer and multi instrumentalist Igor Ezendam is an acknowledged performer and teacher of overtone singing or 'vocal harmonics', inspired by shamanic chanting, Blues and Soul music, Tibetan undertones and Sufi mantras, as well as Australian  African and Indian traditions. Next to his Overtone World concerts, Igor offers Vocal Liberation and Overtone Singing seminars, as well as individual Voice Coaching and Soundmassage sessions. 

His sound research into the use of the voice as a therapeutic instrument and a source of self discovery has developed into an effective set of tools for personal transformation. By studying the art of sound and communication, how we use, choose and feel our sounds, thoughts and words, we create better relationships with ourselves and other beings. Recordings available on iTunes, videos on Youtube, for more information go to www.feelingsound.com 



Arianna is Yoga teacher and offers a meditative style of yoga to help reconnect with the body, mind and spirit in a simple and effective way. She is certified teacher of Hatha and Anukalana Yoga, a flowing style based on integration.

Passionate spiritual researcher, from 2008 she's been learning Hula dance, Hawaiian chants, massage and philosophy. She studied the  'Learning Love' path with Krisnananda and Amana  and continues deepening her empathic communication, psychosomaticsand and Bach flowers studies. She also loves gardening; to grow plants, regenerate the land and prepare delicious healthy meals for her friends. 

Since 2010 she follows her partner Igor Ezendam, dutch musician and voice coach co-hosting Feeling Sound events and Singing Freedom - Free Your Voice seminars, discovering our Voice and overtone singing. Singing in circles, sharing tools to become more healthy and happy, spreading love to living beings and the planet is her mission!

She recently published 13 STEPS OF WELLBEING, a healthy manual available as ebook and paperback on Amazon. Her website is www.ariannabenedetta.weebly.com 



Sacha's love of yoga, meditation and mantra singing began when she was just 11 years old, and she has continued these practices for over 20 years. Since qualifying as a Yoga and meditation teacher she has taught thousands of people both in-person and online, at retreats, workshops, classes and festivals internationally. 

She loves to teach Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and to integrate these practices with mantra and meditation. Sacha lives between the Greek island of Corfu and the UK with her husband Ben, son Rafael and 2 rather pampered dogs...

For more information go to www.yogawithsacha.com



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