FAQ's for the AGAPE ZOE Corfu Summer Festival

What should I bring?
* We recommend bringing your own yoga mat
* Water bottle (The venue provides fresh filtered water, but you must bring your own drinking container)
* bathing suit, beach towel, sun lotion, sun glasses, sun hat
* mosquito repellent
* torch/flashlight
* Euro cash. The organizers, most shops, restaurants, accommodation owners and sometimes hotels do not accept credit/debit cards.
Can I go to the bank or ATM in Arillas and withdraw money?
There are now 3 ATMs in Arillas and one in Agios Stefanos.
We still recommend you to bring cash in Euros with if possible, as the ATM's charge high rates and the nearest bank is 15km away.
Can I bring my children with me?
We welcome children of all ages to our gatherings. Anyone under 18 years is welcome to attend the AGAPE ZOE Festival for free on the provision they respect the meditative aspect of the sessions. For the meditation workshops, please check first with the teacher to make sure children are allowed. If we have enough children, we will offer a childcare. Please contact us for details.
If you would like your children to join the group, please let us know during your booking process. This is important to enable us to manage the group size.
How is the weather in Corfu?
In July, it’s usually hot. We recommend packing for Summer! 🙂 For a reliable local weather information, please see  Dimitris weatherstation.

We now have a healthy and abundant gournet breakfast option, including vegan and vegetarian options.
Guests are encouraged to eat at any of the many restaurants down by the beach to enjoy good food, friendly atmosphere and the lovely sunsets. Please email our office for details.

Our festival is in the peak of the holiday season so we recommend you book your accommodation as early as possible. There are plenty of accommodation options in the village of Arillas, Affionas and some more villages around from €35 and up per night.
Please contact our accommodation partner Green Corfu for assistance: info@greencorfu.com, Just tell Christina or Roda you are attending our festival and they will help you find a nice room near to the venue. ** If you are interested in camping, please email our office.

How do I get to Corfu and Arillas?
​Please see our page called  Getting Here - it is dedicated to travel

Airport Transfers
There are 3 travel companies in Arillas who organize airport transfers.
They are all reliable and very helpful:
- http://arkokal.gr/rent_a_bike.html

Car/Scooter/Bicycle rental
Unless you plan to explore while you are in Corfu, we encourage you to make this a walking holiday. Arillas is quite flat and everything is within walking distance. However, if you want to rent a car, scooter, quad or bicycle, you can from some companies in Arillas.
There is one more highly recommended and super reliable company for scooter, quad or bicycle rental: Spiros Bikes http://www.spirosbikes.gr

Can I Volunteer or can I get a Karma-Ticket?
Yes! Please navigate to our Volunteer application page - ​Volunteer Here.
From the beginning of May, you can also apply for one of our 10 Karma-Tickets, that we offer. Please visit this link here and send us your application.