*Diving Into Soulful Music

We send you on a soulful music journey exploring the good vibes;
rhythms of tribal music, groovy funk, joyful soul and deep house. Be ready to express your inner dancer! If your inner dancer feels like dancing samba, breakdance or simply freaking out, we hold your space. Let it all out!

We believe that everyone is a dancer. It doesn’t  matter how old your are or if you have any dance experience or not. Just come and enjoy yourself.

Dancing has always played a major role in Claudias life.
She has been working as a dance teacher and choreographer, seeing dance as a language that helps you to express yourself and connect with others through movement.
She was also searching for something that puts the focus inwards, that is calming your body and your mind. She found that in her yoga practice and is now combining the elements of yoga and dance, inviting you to join her so that she can share her experiences with you.





Judith is passionate about music and the power it has to evoke the spirit and transform the body. As the founder of ,Express Your Style' she has been involved with dance movements all over the world. When working recently as the retreat manager at Hariharalaya in Cambodia she was responsible for leading the weekly dance meditations.
Judith will help you to awaken your inner dancer and lose yourself in the rhythm.

You don't need to bring anything with you except for joy, your interest and inspiration