*Hey Honey YOGA & BEATS No. 4

Zusammen mit dem Agape Zoe Festival starten wir in die vierte Hey Honey YOGA & BEATS Runde. Derric Harris aus New York wird euch durch einen dynamischen und energetisierenden Yoga Flow führen - "My intent is to create a space that empowers you to take the next step: joyfully, compassionately, lovingly."

An Alle die Freude am Leben haben 🙂

About Derric: Shortly after 9/11, I was introduced to Vinyasa, specifically power yoga, by my yoga big sister and mentor, Alison Cramer.  I had dabbled in other forms of yoga, but was immediately hooked by this particular practice.  I love the concepts of mindfully challenging my physical limits, of treading that fine line between ease and effort, of consciously freeing blockages so that spirit can soar, of using the breath as a vehicle of change, of being more aware and of learning to accept the NOW as a fully realized moment.

Please bring good vibes!