*Forrest Yoga Inspired Ceremony

The Forrest yoga inspired ceremony will focus on emotional transformation. Giving you a chance to use meditation, dynamic yoga poses and the power of your breath to release emotions stored in the body.  The ceremony will enable you to go deeper.

Forrest yoga is not yoga that takes in place in a Forest (although of course it can :)) but rather a dynamic & therapeutic yoga style, developed from by Ana Forrest. Forrest yoga is tailored for the western world, evolved to tackle issues of our time. Through intelligent sequencing and breathwork, the practice allows you to not only heal physically, but also release deep rooted emotional challenges. For example: Using ab work to protect and heal lower back issues & practicing with a relaxed neck to release ‘desk work’ tension.

Come and experience a mini Forrest yoga ceremony with me and nourish your spirit.

The Forrest yoga inspired session is open to anyone interested in personal transformation. People with an open mind and heart who are excited about building a closer connection to themselves - body, mind & spirit.

Forrest yoga is a unique style of yoga and currently not offered in Munich frequently - it is a great chance to try this healing and dynamic yoga form.

The session is open to all levels.

I completed my first yoga teaching and yoga therapy course in India 10 years ago, and more recently became a Forrest yoga teacher. I am passionate about the healing affects of yoga & other alternative healing modalities. I myself managed to heal through alternative medicine & especially Forrest yoga, and I am eager to share my knowledge and spread the love.

Please bring a towel & water, Yoga mat & block - if not provided...