*PAQARINA- Medicinal Female Sweat Lodge

Welcome to an experience of Unity, Purification and Re-connection with our inner Source of Wisdom and Love. A journey through our personal history to remember who we are, being born again mild, grateful and full of strength.
The PAQARINA Ceremony represents the ritual return to the womb of the Great Mother to be born again. It is a natural therapeutic experience of heat, steam and medicinal plants, from traditional American medicine.
It consists of a Natural Sauna made with tree branches and covered with fabrics, creating an isolated and warm atmosphere inside. Participants enter this womb and also enter hot stones which are poured water and medicinal herbs (eucalyptus, sage, cedar, etc.) in order to generate vapors that provide well-being and relaxation, leading us to a state of peace, introspection and reflection. Accompanied by the songs and words of Prem Tárika, this will be an opportunity to reconcile with ourselves, with our family relationships and with life. Empowering us. Closing old cycles to be born again.

All women are welcome from 15 years to 70 years old.

My name is Prem Tárika Urpi Q’oyllur R’iti, and I belong to the Quechua Nation. I live in the Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru and I walk the path of the hampi yachay warmicuna, the Women of my tradition who serve all beings transmitting knowledge and healing the heart. I feel that my purpose is to help the Women of the Earth to awaken their ancestral memory and recover their powers of personal medicine. Help remember who we really are and what we came to do in this world. From a young age I am in this service, researching and practicing the ancestral feminine traditions of America and other parts of the world. Nine years ago I built the first women's circle in Peru and over time we founded KILLA WARMI, the Network of Sacred Women's Circles of South America. I currently guide the Moon Priestess Formation (FSL) in Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina, and I am the Guardian of the Vision Search Fire in Peru, carrying the medicine of the PAQARINA and the master plants that open the Heart. Thank you for inviting me to share with you the best of me.

Please bring:
•  Swimwear/ bikini and towel
•  Water to drink