*Celtic Sweatlodge

The sweatlodge is an ancient ritual of cleansing and (re)connecting with the Earth Mother. In 4 rounds we will connect with all elements, the sky and the earth and meet the radiance of our souls. The celtic lodge works with the celtic medicine wheel and a celtic story of the goddess.

The sweatlodge is open for all women who want to. There is no experience needed, but a relatively stable health. If there are graver health issues, please talk to me in advance.


I am an artist, healer, naturopath and teacher for shamanic healing work and Qigong. I live and work in Berlin with my husband, two children and a cat. My own practice, Sian Heilraum, came into life in 2008. I am member of Lachesis e. V., professional association for female naturopaths and of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids (OBOD).
I offer healing work, sweatlodges, women´s and girls´circles,  a bard´s  meeting, work for The Women School of Yolande Alice Carrell and develop a longer girls´initiation time with four other gorgeous women.

Please bring two towels - one to sit on, one for drying after the lodge and maybe a sarong or something comparable to wrap into before the lodge.  And a give-away for the firekeeper (a small present from the heart) and the waterpourer.