*Moon Altar and Feminine herbalism

Reconnecting ourselves with the earth gets us back to the Origin, to the place where we were conceived to remember our essence. This gathering invites us to bring conciousness about our ancestral memory, connecting us to our roots    and the protection of the sacred

We will share feminine ancestral wisdom which aims to bring women to a profound journey into her menstrual cycle and her femenine energy.
We will talk about the moon altars wich allows us to have a deepest, loving and conscious relation with our cycle, recognizing our impermanent nature under the influence of the moon, the earth and our blood.
We will learn how to elaborate a feminine herbal medicine wich heals our physical , mental and emotional bodies. Raising our prayers for the mother earth for our relations and ourselves.

**In Andean wisdom there is no self but we, good living encompasses the integrality of a community where we rely on brothers. In this way, our rituals are maintained through teamwork, where one represents the feminine energy and the other the masculine energy, in complementarity and in representation of the cosmos. For this reason I found myself accompanying and supporting Prem Tarika Awiñan in her paqarina and water offering ceremonies.

For everyone who feels the call. Young women, adults and elders. Men are welcome!!!

Oriana Navarrete is a medical woman, guardian of life, Menstrual Therapist, travels through her path of healing and inner flowering. Search engine tools that drive the expansion of our minds and awaken our hearts. It facilitates women's circles and therapies for women from the recovery of ancestral knowledge. Walker of the traditional indigenous medicines of Colombia for 15 years.

We invite you to take notepad.