*Women and wild herbs

Together we are going to explore the ancient relation between women and wild herbs.
As far as we know, men and women have been always collecting wild herbs for eating, healing, and rituals. But which plants in particular have been used for and by the women, and to what end?

Let’s dive together into the secret and sacred world of these amazing wild beings, which surround us everywhere. The workshop is divided in different parts:
- Talking and sharing about the subject of women and wild herbs
- Walk and intuitive meditation with plants
- Creative handcrafts with wild herbs

Open to all lovers of green being or anyone curious to meet them.

Mathilde was born in France and was fortunate to call the forest of Fontainebleau her playground. Since 2007 she calls Germany her home and has been intensively exploring the woods and meadows of beautiful Brandenburg. She was certified as a "Wildkräuter Pädagogin" from the Naturschule Freiburg in 2015. Since then she has been collecting and transforming wild herbs for eating and healing purposes for her brand “Die Wilde”. She is an actress in the Nomadic Academy of Fools (UK) and likes to create links between nature and theater.