*The Goddess

My goal with this beautiful workshop is that the women connect with their inner Goddess. The Goddess exists inside yourself. In order that we can reconnect with this energy, we need to know the circles and female archetypes.

I invite us to enjoy this powerful travel through dance, yoga and voice. Using the wonderful gifts that are touch, feel and to listen to our body, so that we can connect with the Goddess that we are.

Blessings to you.

This Workshop is for all women who want to empower themselves, where light and love is the healing power.

I’m Irene, from Spain. I define myself as a Life Observer, Consciousness Alarm and Faith Sower.
I accompany women in their Empowerment since the Awakening of The Goddess through Alternative Therapy, Workshops and Crafts. I also sing and share sessions of Meditative Dance and Yoga to mixed groups.

Please bring a notebook and pencil, white candle and yoga mat.
Wear white clothes and it's important that you come with a long skirt