*Priestess Initiation Ritual

In this ritual we will dive deeper into what it means to be a woman that embodies true feminine leadership qualities. We will create a sacred space in which you may shine your light, take up space and show the world your unique radiant beauty. This ritual will support you in remembering that all you need is already inside of you, waiting for you to unlock it. Please bring your journal, an item for the altar, a priestess dress/outfit (you decide what exactly that means to you) and a sarong for covering your head.

Celeste is a Berlin-based bodyworker, ritualist, facilitator and founder of The Yin Space.
She believes that for this world to change, womxn need to start stepping into their power. Through her personal healing journey and her work with Tantra, Eros and Sensuality she found out that there is beauty and strength in re-connecting to herself by starting to tune in and listen to her pussy.
She works with clients of all genders and witnesses the power of creating sacred space through ritual every day. Her vision is to re-introduce the qualities of YIN into peoples lives and plant seeds of playful sensuality in their minds, bodies and wombs.
She likes to think of herself as a Priestess & Witch, with the mission to support others in remembering their birthright for ecstasy. She studied at the School of Erotic Mysteries. Her teachers are Winter Jade Icely, Mary Magdalene, Lillith and Nature.