*Water Blessing

earth-child – mother – artist – ritualist – visionary - believer of miracles – peacemaker -  dancer - wild thing

After spending much of her life running away; from herself, her wounds, her gifts, her power, Jessamy had to stop and re-assess. By choosing to turn and face herself, to slow down, she reclaimed my life. She began moving beyond her conditionings and limitations and to heal her traumas: She took my power back. She slowly opened to trust her instincts and intuition. She chose to recognise that her vulnerability is her greatest gift, her place of deepest aliveness. And she chose to say yes. Yes to her truth, her felt sense in each moment. Yes to relationships and community which nourishes this.

All of Jessamy's work, what she love to create is intimacy. She loves this word play - In to Me see …

And what she loves to offer is empowerment.

On another level, Jessamy is a tao-tantric teacher, a moon-mother, a reiki healer, a theta healer, a body worker, a lover of EFT, a lover of herbs and plants as medicines, an aromatherapist in training. An energy medicine student. She has spent many years exploring and enjoying wisdoms and maps from many traditions: Taoism, Yoga, Astrology (Western, Vedic and Mayan), Human Design.

Water blessing

An opportunity to join together for a couple of hours and drop into sacred space together. A beautiful intentional community gathering, where we create a group ritual. Bringing awareness to water as a carrier of frequency, memory and healing, and bringing high vibrations of love, flow, purity and cleansing to ourselves as water beings and to our global waters. Connecting with our intention of harmony, both inner and outer, I use music, mindfulness and meditation techniques to bring us on a journey. This will include forming small groups and taking it in turns to bless eachother using water that’s been charged at the quan yin temple. An intimate celebration of our humanity. A child friendly gathering.

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