The Yoga of Knowledge - Advaita Vedanta for ordinary people

Who do you think you are?

Questions and answers on this fascinating subject with Swami Pujan and reading from his new book.

Who is this "me" we are referring to again and again, is there something like " the Truth " and what answers can Yoga give us.

Swami Pujan reached self realization through the Studying of the Upanishads and Vedanta with help of his teacher, James Swartz, after many years being involved in Theavana and Mahayana Buddhism.

He was a trained Psychologist so his teachings bring in the western psychological angle.

His wish is to bring the complex teachings of the Upansihads and the Yoga Sutras to a western audience that is relevant to their lives.

Pujan and his wife Betty holding Yoga Teacher Training (200 +300hrs) on the magical island Koh Phangan in Thailand.

More information:  www.pujanyoga.com  & www.facebook.com/PujanYoga/