*Sacred Liberation Dance

Sacred Woman, you are the gem of this Earth.
Daughter of the Earth, princess of the Sky, you are loved, you are worthy and oh, so important.
I stand here to remind you of your strength, your Light, your infinite potential.

You are not here to play small.

You are here to make manifest Divine Grace, to reveal your innate gifts and effortless beauty.

You carry in your heart and womb the medicine for this world.

United in circle, we shall heal ourselves back to love.
For all women who wish to embrace the power of their sexuality and give voice to the primal wisdom of the Goddess within.

About Sophia Surya Chalkidou
She is passionate about helping women reconnect with the wisdom of their body and unique expression of their soul. During her travels she has studied and experimented with different dance traditions (flamenco, African, tribal belly dance, mystical and other), holistic healing modalities (Craneal and Foot Reflexology, Reiki, Shamanic healing, dance therapy). She is Hatha and Kundalini Yoga instructor. She offers Feeling color © sessions, guiding people to remember the unique colors of their soul. She organizes retreats of Sacred Dance and Women empowerment in Greece and around the world.

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