*Connecting from the Heart Meditation

Heart connections evolve naturally when we don’t do anything against it. This can be challenging at times as most of our communication habits are to create a (safety) distance between me and the other. In this initial workshop you can explore new qualities of meeting others in an easy and playful way - and most important: create a connection from heart to heart.

About Marc:

Holding a German healing practitioner licence for psychotherapy, Marc is a certified therapist of BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release®. He also facilitates active as well as tantra meditations, gives therapeutic bodywork and tantric massages and holds shamanic healing ceremonies.

In all aspects of his work, Marc manages to create and hold sacred space in which you can feel safe to go deep into yourself, release whatever is needed to touch the light of your innermost essence, the Divine inside.

Marc lives and works mainly in Goa, India, and other parts of South Asia and Europe.

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