*African Dance and Chant with Shekisha Cheze

To Dance is to pray, to pray is to stay connected to Source and let the masks that veil your authentic True Nature & to give thanks for the rhythms of life! In Africa there is no separation between singing, playing music and dancing. It is one word to describe all of this and more and was done when a baby was born, when the harvest was finished, when someone gets married, when someone dies, and initiation ceremonies for men and women. Basically every occasion was an opportunity to come together as community and EXPRESS YOURSELF!! During this Dynamic workshop we will start with a prayer to our Ancestors, we will sing chants to uplift and activate our throat chakra and we will learn a basic choreography to get your Blood pumping and your booty shaking as you learn some new funky African Dance moves & chants from all over Africa. We will end in the village style of a dance circle where you will be invited to share your dance with the musicians and group as we take it back to the Earth!

Malaika is a global facilitator and has been sharing her natural gifts and exuberance as a performer and teacher of African Dance for over 25 years. These workshops are a highly spirited way to increase your joy factor while having a powerful workout and moving parts of you that you didn’t even know moved!

Every “BODY” Welcome, just be prepared to move, groove, sweat and smile all over!

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