*Embodied Dance Movement

DANIEL *SONIC* ROJAS, professional dancer and movement expert, has been dancing / performing for more than 25 years, and is known around the world for his creativity and movement mastery.
His rich experience includes several World, European and Scandinavian Championships in breakdance, touring for decades with reputable, contemporary dance companies, performing in world acclaimed physical theatre productions, dancing for Queens, Kings and Presidents, and inspiring millions to dance through his performances, battles, workshops and life story.
Through his rich experience, Daniel has created his own style that he calls Embodied Dance Movement (EDM), a unique form that has been recognised by the University of Science of Sports and Anatomy in Cologne, Germany, as one of the most complete movement art forms offered internationally. EDM dissolves the boundaries between different movement cultures with the aim of giving individuals a unique way of expressing themselves and developing an intelligent physical practice. Existing within EDM are five substyles including ‘Fit Flow’ (mobility, strength, flexibility and creative calisthenics); ‘Open’ (opening the body, preparing for performances, preventing injury); ‘Ground’ (incorporating floor work into dance); ‘Express’ (embodiment of emotion through movement) and ‘Align’ (bioenergetic flows between movement and stillness to align and balance the physical and energetic forms). Daniel shares EDM worldwide, including at many popular festivals and dance academies, as well as continues to perform, battle and judge international events and to share private sessions and immersions.

More in formation: www.danielsonicrojas.com