*Yoga Nidra

Betty  trained 30 years ago as a fitness and Pilates instructor and has taught yoga since 1997. She completed 4 different yoga teacher trainings and many intensives and workshops. She was fortunate to study with and learn from the great Yogis of our time.
(B.K.S Iyengar, K.Pathabi Jois   T.K.V.Desikachar and A.G.Mohan.)

Her style of teaching could be described as Fusion Yoga, it combines Pilates Ashtanga , Hatha, kriya Pranayam and Yoga Philosophy. She travels yearly to India to deepen her spiritual and yogic lifestyle.

Betty produced 4 yoga Nidra CD's and one version for children. Betty has been on the yogic path for 40 years and her emphasis is in moving through strong asana to the quiet still point within!

With her husband  Swami Pujan who is an Advaita Vedanta meditation teacher she travels the world to embody the essence of yoga. Pujan Swami and Betty offer Yoga Teacher Trainings 200 & 300 hrs on Koh Phangan.(bookings:

Yoga Nidra

The yogic sleep . Come on a journey of very deep relaxation.
Everyone can participate in Yoga Nidra . The benefits are many fold!

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