*Holistic Health

Explore why Yoga is a holistic method for personal health, wellbeing and evolution.
Yoga has the power to awaken once inner wisdom and self-healing mechanisms.
We are multidimensional beings and our consciousness can manifest on many different levels.
Yoga Therapy integrates the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual as one whole.

Who are you and how to peel the layers of false identification. What lies behind the body, emotions and mind?

Let us come together and explore the modern and traditional understanding of holistic healing.

Yoga came into my Life while travelling and volunteering in India, the lack of relaxation and peace within always led me to the believe that the world outside need to change. And I kept on falling for unhealthy habits like drugs, alcohol and smoking. After my first Yoga Class in Dharamsala 2010, India I experienced a peace and love within myself that kept me high for days and I decided right after that, if there is something on this planet that allows me to feel That way, then this will be my path. A woman and a word, that was my conclusion and I made my way to the yoga school of my first yoga teachers. Arrived at that Yoga School 2011 and my first lessons I promised myself that I will continue this path until realization of peace.

My vision is to see people step into their full potential and start sharing their talents and light with the world. How can we do that? By training the practice of Self exploration which includes forgiving yourself, entering into the peace that lies in you.