*Natural Movement

I come to body consciousness from a long journey that started from my childhood, where I suffered from a lot of physical pain underwent difficult treatments in hospitals.  From fear to meet the pain, to a place of embracing what there is I meet my body again With in a place of love.

I see the movement as a bridge that connects all the parts within me. When I dance with a deep connection, truly with myself, I become one with the movement of nature, one with the movement of being. It’s an invitation to dance whatever lives within us in the holy present moment. This is an invitation for a new listening to the living body, which expresses itself. This is a personal research of close communication with our moving body. It's intimacy in motion. It's self-love. And a powerful meeting with the other through the body. We will dance the connection between our inner life & external life - breathing, inhaling, exhaling. We will move our ancient, renewed connection that lives within us constantly. It’s an invitation to come back home to our natural, authentic rhythm of the heart.
No experience needed, just the will of dancing your life. Come as you are.

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