*Yoga & Free Movement

During this Funky Flow class, you can expect to be taken on a journey into discovering your body and Self from a whole new perspective. You will be guided through a creative, fun, and fun fluid Vinyasa flow class; with elements of pranayama, positive psychology, free movement and spirituality sprinkled throughout. This class with Maddie intends to leave you stepping off your mat feeling empowered, inspired and more in tune with your funky Self.

This class is open for anyone. All ages are welcome.

The class will be guided by International Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master & Wild Woman Project Circle Leader, Maddie Lynch (The Vegan Yogi Traveller). Maddie is a full time yoga teacher in Hamburg, who hosts Women's Empowerment & Yoga Workshops, Moon Circles, Reiki events and Retreats globally. She is currently undertaking a 2-year Women's Tantra Training program and is hosting her own podcast 'Doing it for the Dharma'.

Please bring with you a Yoga mat.