*Hormonal Yoga Workshop for Women

This workshop will teach you how you can use yoga to support your hormonal balance. You will learn the 5 most important factors that influence your hormonal balance and how you can address these with yoga.

You will be guide you through a relaxing and nourishing yoga class focused on balancing the hormones in the body. We will use yoga therapeutic tools which combines yoga asanas, traditional chinese medicine and mindfulness to support the organs that affect the hormones. After the workshop, you will know the best poses to integrate into your personal yoga practice to balance your hormones.

This workshop is for women curious about how you can use yoga and lifestyle to support the hormonal system and find relief for symptoms such as PMS, period pain and other hormonal imbalances.

In 2014, I broke down with serious stress after a hectic life in my university studies and my first job in the business industry. This became the beginning of a journey that took me to Bali where I first learned about women's hormones and the four phases of the menstrual cycle. Inspired by these new findings, I educated myself in the field of yoga therapy, nutrition and women's health, and used all of this to heal my own body of its hormonal imbalances. Today I use these tools and experiences to show women how we can create a hormonally balanced lifestyle using yoga, food and lifestyle changes.

A yoga mat and some warm clothes and warm socks for the restorative poses.