*La Luna (Female Arts Empowerment)

Foto by Darshana-fotografie.de

La Luna workshop opens the door to come to rediscover your essence and so along with more women allow you to live the best version of you in balance and awareness.

We will share the Women Yin Meditation.
We will find our true voice.
We will travel through the fine language of the body and movement to create a conscious matrix together with our energy in balance.
We are part of the feminine manifestation on this earth, a body, a mind and emotions of women that show us how our essence is, what is our way and our role.

La Luna Workshop is part of the wonderful and extensive program of  LA LUNA Festival for Women 2020 created by Juana L. Ramirez of Agape Zoe.

All Women are welcome -  No ages and beliefs, no stereotypes.

Juana Lucia has her roots in South America as well her ancestrally and her warm heart which she shares for years in Germany; base country, where she lives and where she has developed numerous projects to raise awareness and a family.

Using body language and dance, ancient knowledge, and the vision of knowing how to design spaces that invite anyone to transform and transform the reality in which we live.
Juana has dedicated a good time of her life to the understanding and learning of the feminine conscience in all its aspects and how to support the Women of today to re-find their space in society.
"I went to find the union of body and spirit in movement, using different techniques and the wisdom of the body and learning to listen to the language of the soul that is expressed through the Dance and in the work with the Ancestral Feminine.
I learned contemporary dance, flamenco, Body mind centering. I work as an apprentice of the Grandmothers of different traditions of South and Central America who have supported me in the awakening of feminine knowledge and as a human being so I can share it today with Women in my circles of feminine empowerment with all people that ask me for support in the awakening "-

Please bring a Yoga mat, thin blanket, comfortable clothes, medium long skirt that allows you to move freely & the best intention of balancing your feminine and masculine energy in your body, mind and soul.