*Inner Core Yoga

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Inner Core Yoga is a yoga method developed by Anastasia Shevchenko, the founder of the Berlin Yoga Conference and the co-host of the Yoga Teacher's Helper podcast. After 17 years of personal practice in various styles, most significantly in Ashtanga Yoga for almost a decade, Anastasia faced an embarrassing issue. After 2 pregnancies, especially the more recent one in 2018, Anastasia felt that her inner core was out of function. She was strong as always, but only above the belly button. The dysfunction in the lower pelvic floor brought about a number of issue in her spine, including bulging and out of alignment discs in a few places. Anastasia realized that without a proper foundation, a strong and responsive inner core, she would continuo over-compensating in other areas of her body, causing further health issues and misbalances. This was a moment when she started to develop Inner Core Yoga - as a way to find her core and re-connect to the inner self in a balanced way.

Inner Core Yoga is not a fitness routine to build a six pack for the summer, it is a yoga method to re-connect and strengthen our Inner Core on the body-mind levels. The method is applicable for women in all life stages (pre or post pregnancy), as well as perfectly suitable for men as well. The classes are structured in specific sequences and are initiated with a meditation, a breathing exercise, going into a standing flow, a floor routine, a relaxation phase, and a final breath work before the savasana.