*Intuitive Therapist

I am a intuitive healer and massagist.
through my practise of being in the present moment i was able to discover my abilities to transmitt energies into alignment. more balance, more harmony. this can be through touch, or simply guided movement and through the power of language guiding deeper towards oneself.

I do energetic unlocking therapy, out of a variety of modalities such as Reiki, Acupressur and inner guidance “energy school”

My sessions are for:
people whom want to discover deeper inside their depths.
people who want to feel massiveley relaxed and super secure in their beingness.
integrating tabu themes, releasing blockages.
people who want to feel free from the bound of sosciety.
people who want to step into their personal power and follow their own wisdom they have ever felt.
Man and woman striving for more, striving for wisdom/ deep insights.

I am a 33 year old swiss-filipino born and raised in switzerland and started early age as a fitness- and wellness coach and trainer in a Fitness/wellnesschain in Switzerland. my interests towards health, especially then mental health was always the strive for me to push foreward, so that after a vast period of feeling empty, dissatisfied and very stucked , i  discovered the world of holistic health.
Yoga, Acupressur, shamanic and spirituall work and practices. this was 7 years ago and havent let me go since that time.
i currently travel far east to discover and unlock the deep question i have towards human super health and balanced wellbeingness, while practicing certain ideas.

Please bring:
a towel
their own music, favorite music that moves them.