*Tarot Oracle Divinations/Chakra Art Therapy

Osho Zen Tarot, Transformation Tarot, Chakra reading, Angel meditations, Ascended Masters Oracle, White tarot, Zen Runes, Past Life Tarot readings, Secret Dakini Cards.
The session will provide the space of understanding that existence can give us with intuition and tarot as her tools. That knowledge we can transform into wisdom by diving deeper with colors, movements, and words from the subconscious. Precious messages and little golden keys are discovered to support transformation, spiritual growth and alignment to our soul's purpose.

In this session, everybody is welcome. Especially the ones that love to explore questions and answers.

Tatini has been working with the creative arts and tarot oracle divinations for 30 years. She studied different meditation techniques in India. Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, Osho Multiversity [official Osho Meditations Facilitator] and Ramana Maharshi Advaita Non-Duality teachings have created a space of wisdom, intuition, and love that she shares in her sessions.
Also, as a well-known artist with 91 painting exhibitions on expressionistic intuitive art and a graduate from Elliniko Horodrama Dance Academy, carries the skills and the experience to use the expressive/intuitive form of painting and movement as a tool of self-discovery and transformation.

At the session all will be provided. Please bring only your mobile phone or photo camera to take pictures from your tarot cards reading.