*Abhyanga Element Massage & Ayurveda Journey

Abhyanga Element Massage:
Reconnect with your body in a Ayurvedic Abhyangda Massage and let the oils guide you back to your natural state of balance. Each oil has a specific combination of the elements, wind - water - fire and earth, activating different parts of ourselves and supporting us to remember our hearts deepest longing. The session combines elements of the traditional Abhyanga massage with Reiki and Body Yantra, a form of meditation which uses the individual geometry of our human bodies. Sophia guides you in this sensory journey with touch, element oils and traditional ayurvedic teachings. We carry everything we need for our healing on the inside - let’s return to our true nature. 

Ayurveda Journey:
"Ayurveda" means the "knowledge of life" and is a traditional Indian medical system, based on the idea that disease or negative feelings are caused by an imbalance in a person's consciousness. How can we connect back to our “Prakruti”, the natural state of balance?  In this Ayurveda Journey, you can discover the combination of the elements (Doshas) and state of (im)balance on the inside. Sophia guides you to discover yourselves in the ayurvedic teachings and find a new way of approaching your routine and habits in your everyday life.

Sophia Cara is a trained Ayurvedic Health Coach, Movement teacher and psychologist with a focus on stress, self-love and sexuality. She has indian-german roots and combines traditional teachings with coaching and scientific approaches. Sophia Cara offers Ayurvedic Coaching, supporting you to build a healthy relationship with food, movement and your business. Her goal is to invite more pleasure, gentleness, and connectedness into everyday life. Ayurveda and Yoga have accompanied Sophia Cara for years and support her every day to live in balance with her mind, body, and spirit– soft and strong at the same time.

You don't need to prepare anything before. Please bring comfortable clothes and some water to our session.