*Sound Healing - Enjoy the light of Sound

Sumann offers individual sound healing sessions with singing bowls, tuning forks and pure essential oils. In a private sessions you will experience the positive effects of sound and energy healing. You will listen beautiful sounds, feel and enjoy the soft vibrations in the body. The sounds promotes healing on body, mind and soul. The vibrations can remove blocks and tensions and eliminates toxins from the body. In the deep relaxation the brain comes to theta state where your mind switch off your thoughts. You can dive into pure consciousness.

Just listen, feel and enjoy the new light in your body and energy field.

As we understand that we are all vibrational light beeings we can change our vibration. We can tune our frequency like an instrument. With sound therapy we can bring the sound into our body and fix broken cells. It is a tuning into harmony and unison.

Everybody is welcome in the world of awesome sounds and good vibes!

Sumann is a sound healer and integral sound worker based in Hamburg, Germany. Since many years she is working with sounds and frequencies to give healing on all levels. In Germany she offers sound healing journeys, chakra balancing and gong meditations for groups and also private sessions. She works with tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, gongs, drum, phase drum, energy chimes, tubes, nature tones, tuning forks, voice and more. In chakra balancing sessions she also uses crystals, gemstones, universal energy and essential oils.

Please wear comfortable clothes