*Crystal Healing - Energetic/spiritual Healing

Shirin’s intention is the reconnection with the light of our soul, with the divine within us and thus improving the quality of our lives by truthfully being.The energetic healing of Shirin takes place on different spiritual levels. She works with transforming shamanic Energie,  crystal healing light, Healing Hands, Sounds &  Rituals. The Healing Session will be a spiritual journey of higher Consciousness & Bliss. She opens the heart, clears the mind and transforms old energies and patterns. The soul reveals it self in all it’s greatness and beauty. We get in touch with our true self and we will see things clearer. Healing processes will be activated, karmic entanglements will be dissolved, the spirit will be free. Transformation and expansion of self consciousness on all spiritual levels will be activated.You will remember that you are pure light. 

Session is 60 - 90 min.


The link between Orient and Occident dominates Shirin’s life. Growing up with a Persian father and a German mother, she has learned to connect the opposites and to draw strength from it. Working as an Artist for many years, she began to concern 2002 deeper with the Yoga philosophy and practice. 2011 she became a Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher, trained by Spirit Yoga in Berlin/ Germany. She went to India ( Rishikesh) and spend some deep spirituell & transforming time with the Kundalinis. She was very touched & inspired by the heart & pure light energy.  She is trained & spiritually inclined by her teacher Mari Nil /Salubrious Work. Since 2012 she works a an spirituell Healer and shares her soul healing energy in her Yoga classes, Mediations, Woman Circles and One by One Sessions. She is focused on Entlightment on all Levels of Being and guided by the Spirit of Love!