*Energy Balance Facilitator, Abdomen Massage, Reiki Master & Thai Healing Massage

In this safe space we give ourself permission to receive and move on. This is nothing that can be described with words or be understood with the mind. This is sacred connection to the I AM of every person. To reach this place in her therapeutic sessions, Roula employs several techniques on different levels so that she can meet the core of every person and facilitate the therapy.
Reiki, Thai healing massage, Abdomen massage, Integration of our broken parts, she works on the physical and the energy level of the body to imprint hapiness, worth, acceptance, love, relief.

All people should be able to receive as long as they are willing to move on with their problems and integrate parts of themselves back to them.

Her driving force is the desire to help people improve their lives. She works as a therapist – facilitator and explores the intersections of spiritual practice, creativity and mindfulness living in modern society.

Just come with your heart open to invite miracles, to explore your body and your divine Being that you are. Trust is the key. You invest on yourself the time and the attention that you need and this is amazing!
Come, come!