*Receive The Aura Touch to Awaken the Artist within

By holding space through the presence of her auric field, Nadine offers heightened awareness that allows you to get unstuck and find the golden key that opens the door for your life direction. A guidance to accompany you through confusion, overwhelm, emotional triggers, challenges, and moments of growth going deep into de-conditioning process. Through her reflection you see, feel, and understand yourself clearly as blind spots and patterns get illuminated. Receive a sense of clarity, calmness, and ease. With her power of extreme sensitivity, discernment, and objectiveness you get unbiased feedback and the truth what you need to hear. Empowering you to be your authentic self and the opportunity to upgrade self-acceptance, self-trust and higher level of self-respect cultivating a renewed spirit of individuality. By asking precise questions she is orienting you to inquire within and feel the answers. You attune with your core purpose and awaken your unique creative genius – the inner Artist – that leads to inner and outer prosperity and experience life as Art.

Nadine Blochberger has always been incredibly aware of other people's energy, emotions and what isn't being said. Longing to connect intimately with the mysterious, poetic depths of the human experience with her ability to understand their pain is part of her nature and tremendous gift. Tuned in to the collective consciousness, she is a visionary dedicated to the investment of elegant, authentic, and sustainable ways of living in service as Creative Business Design Advisor, Artist, Evolutionary Mentor & Muse building synergy and coherence through facilitating “The Creator Studio”. Inspiring others to break free out of a complex life into simple living - and just be. Her background spans 19 years of Management, Leadership, Marketing and Communications, international Project and Account Management, Sales, Business Development, Strategy, Design, Personal Development, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming and teaching social and emotional intelligence. With the perspective as a Reflector 4/6 by Human Design, she is also a wisdom-keeper, signpost and mirror focusing her energy on awakening conscious leaders out of state inertia through creativity and human communications to co-create a world of true beauty.

Please come as you are and feel free to bring your charged mobile phone to record the session.