*Gestalt Awareness therapy

Awareness is healing by itself.  Gestalt Awareness is ideal for any issue you might want to work on. Relational issues, personal issues, self-healing, self-discovery, body pains, emotions, whatever comes up for you during these festival days, or whatever you carry with you from your daily life bring it to the session! You will learn how to raise your awareness with honesty and self-care about any current life issue. I will assist you to become honest with yourself so you can discover your real needs, duties, and desires here and now, so you can take care of yourself. Learning to talk sincerely with presence to ourselves is the best self-gift we can ever offer to us. There are so many layers of reality we can discover just by becoming more aware. You can bring in any issue you want, or just come for some self-discovery in the present moment. Plus, you will be able to choose to work with your awareness with any module of my private trainings. My training trilogy starts with 'Unlock your lovability', continues with 'Conscious Relationships & Sexuality, and ends with 'Empower yourself & the Wolrd'. Each training has 12 modules and you will be able to choose to explore one of them if you feel the call.
Whatever the focus of our session, awareness and presence is the strongest human experiences, and this is what we will explore together. You will learn the basics of awareness here and now, and how you can solve any inner issue by yourself. Of course, the presence of another human is helpful, though I consider it is crucial to own these tools in our everyday life and this is why I am looking forward to sharing them with you. You will feel centered, releasing any blocked feelings and body pains, and capacity to feel and understand yourself with love and freedom. This is the path to integrating your authentic self!
Please bring comfortable clothes, some water and your awareness.

MAIRA is a gestalt therapist and conscious sexologist.  She practices her awareness muscle for the last 12 years, and this is the best gift she ever gave to herself; time, space, attention, and tools to practice her awareness. Her therapeutic practice is holistic and includes the combination of emotional and sociopolitical awareness, body, mind, instinct, and spirit. Her training trilogy starts with 'Unlock your lovability', continues with 'Conscious Relationships & Sexuality, and ends with 'Empower yourself & the World'.  Our nature is love & freedom and we can lead a life based on these qualities!