*Quantum Healing or Holistic Massage Therapy

During a Quantum-Healing-Session with me we are going to analyse your physical  and energetic body on all dimensions.
We are going to connect with your energety field, where I can analyse all your energies and frequencies that your body is sending out in all dimensions. By connecting with the quantumfield in my session, we can determine where in your body system there are possible blockages and what your system needs in terms of support to get into self-healing. So with QF-Therapy we are analysing but also sending the supportive frequencies into your system via the morphogenetic field, so that transformation can take place on a deep level.
- carmic level
- systemic level (ancestral lineage, family structure)
- psychic level (state of mind, beliefe patterns, inner child)
- energy body (meridians, chakra balance)
- physiological level (organs, physical body)
Before something manifests as pain or imbalance in the physical body, it usually first prevails in the energy body as a thought pattern or behavioral structure. So in holistic therapy we don't start at the point of pain, but go a few levels deeper, to the root of your imbalance and support exactly there your system in self-healing. Quantum Field Therapy is a goal and solution oriented approach that supports you holistically in your system and subconscious to enable change and transformation.
You can bring a crystal or a bracelet for Quantumtherapy to vibrate the frequencies onto it .
For Holistic Massage Therapy please bring a big towel.
LEONIE  grew up and live in the Tyrolian Mountains in Austria. Yoga and energy work was part of her life since her early teenage years and it is her calling to support others in creating a deeper connection to their body and reactivating their self-healing.
In her therapy sessions she combines techniques from body therapy to quantum field therapy.  Drawing on her training and experience, she intuitively guides the session and tailors the therapy to your individual needs.
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