*Thai Nuad Massage for Feminine Empowerment

Dear women! To strengthen the divine feminine within you and bringing your body back into alignment, my Thai Nuad Massage sessions are a good opportunity to bring you back into your power. Thai Nuad (originally „Nuad Phaen Boran“) is also known as Thai Yoga or Passive Yoga and combines Yogic practice from India with Chinese Acupressure techniques (TCM). It concentrates on stretching, muscle relaxation, realigning the skeletal system, calming down the nervous system as well working with the body’s meridians to re-open energy blockages. Any form of stress subconsciously manifests in our body cells. This passive form of body workout can be a faster way to reach your subconscious and to unwind even deeper layers of stress, mainly stored in our lower abdomen and womb. Therefore in Thai tradition, this bodywork is given as preventive healthcare equally to doing a daily yoga practice.

In my many years of work experience, Ancient Energetic Bodywork has become a strong passion. Though having started out with focussing more on Ancient Hawaiian Bodywork (also called „Ke Ala Hoku“ - a traditional holistic form of Lomi Lomi), at this years AGAPE ZOE Corfu Festival I will only be offering Therapeutic Thai Nuad Massages. For my personal energetic growth and to the benefit of my bodywork practice, I dedicate myself to Inner Alchemy and Taijiquan Chen-Style, both based on the Taoism principles of Jing-Qi-Shen, as well as Sound Alchemy.

Please wear comfortable yoga clothes without pockets and zippers. The massage will be practiced on a floor mattress. If necessary, please only eat a light meal at least one hour prior to the session. Do you have certain spots in your body (blockages, tension, weakness) you would like me to focus on? If you’re in acute pain, a session is not recommended.