*Soundmassage & Voice Coaching

Individual sessions with Igor help in remembering how to relax, encouraging you to stop judgement and allow full vital and vocal potential to express themselves. Here you can let go and embark on a inner search for your Voice, with a loving guide in a safe space.

Voice Coaching sessions are suitable for those who want to develop their expression or discover the overtones in his voice, to deepen the vocal work already begun or to overcome old traumas and fears related to the entry. Both singers and people who feel are out of tune can receive benefits.
Soundmassage is an effective method for deep relaxation through sound. Vocal harmonics have surprising effects on the body energy. The deep sounds and vibrations of the  didgeridoo, ancient ritual instrument of the Australian Aborigines, gently massage the tissues of the body, helping to release tension, giving the person a great sense of well-being.
Individual overtone singing and vocal training sessions with Igor 
Singing Freedom is a process that helps to free, feel and love our voice, developing confidence and love for one's own musicality.  An inner journey in good company, a "Voice Quest" to discover the power of life energy through our emotions, with a loving guide in a safe space.
These voice coaching sessions are suitable for those who want to develop their expression or discover vocal harmonics, to deepen the vocal work already begun or to overcome old traumas and fears related to expression. Both singers and people who feel are out of tune can receive benefits.
Dutch born Igor Ezendam is a vocalist, voice-coach and multi-instrumentalist inspired by Tuvan (Mongolia), Tibetan, Sufi, Native American, African, Aboriginal and all the world's freestyle singers. He specializes in a technique called overtone singing (also: 'vocal harmonics') creating a double whistle-like sound in the voice. He teaches his self taught techniques to free vocal freedom and overtones in one's voice, together with his companion Arianna Artioli, a gentle yoga teacher with great humor and a passion for mantras and sacred Hula dance.
Igor offers concerts, seminars and retreats around the world in which he combines various singing styles with didgeridoo, percussion (hang, daf, doundoun), shrutibox, tibetan bowls and stringed instruments (mandola, cümbüs, guitar). He's written a book on singing and overtones, called 'Your Sound is  Sacred' (translation from italian coming soon) and recorded several CDs as a soloist as well as with other artists, available on Itunes. You can see dozens of videos on Youtube, or on his website www.feelingsound.com.
Individual session, Bach flowers with Arianna
Meeting in the heart space, to look at what is interfering with our well being, this can support the release of psychological and physical tensions through practices from various ancient and modern techniques, such as yoga, meditation, breathing, psychosomatic, empathic communication and Bach flowers. 
Bach Flowers are a beautiful natural remedy developed by English doctor Edward Bach at the end of 1800. It’s a vibrational remedy that helps us balance our emotions and attitude in life, helping us find alignment with our Soul and Higher Purpose, gifts and deep values.
Layer after layer we rediscover our real nature, we learn to take care of our inner child, to free ourselves from conditionings, develop the « observer » and start playing the game of life in a more responsible way, learning to enjoy every step on the way!
Italian Swiss Arianna Artioli, attended the Swiss Flower Academy between 2009 and 2017, is a certified teacher of Hatha Yoga and Meditation and Anukalana Yoga, attended the Learning Love Training with Krishnananda and Amana, working on the inner child and emotional wounds. She’s passionate about Kirtan, Hawaiian chants and sacred dances, Bach Flowers, psychosomatics, empathic communication ... and vegetarian cuisine.
Duration of a Flowery Chat: 30 minutes to 1 hour
Personal and Couple Coaching with Igor and Arianna
After many years of self investigation, we have become aware of the many movies we project in every moment and want to support individuals and couples in their inner journey, offering a clear mirror and some great tools to go deep, meet the « inner cast » of our personal movies and start to really enjoy every step of the journey, reconnecting to joy and freedom, motivation and fulfillment.
Our experience and intuition will support us in dealing with all the emotions that want a voice; the tools we use are emphatic communication (NVC), « The Work » by Byron Katie, the Learning Love process, Sufi and Yogic teachings. 
Pick any theme and we'll work it with you, creating a safe space where the healing power of love can flow freely.