*Astrology & Akashic Records Reader

Astrology, Shamanism and Akashic Records are tools of growth and personal development that follows a methodology based on a millennial knowledge. Through the analysis of your own Natal Chart, and the consultation of the Akashic Records, you could rediscover the path of your soul and to get in touch with your inner self.

Each of us come into this world with a unique natal (birth) chart, which is based on the exact time, date, and place of our birth, and is completely specific to us. Your chart is essentially like a photograph of the heavens at the time you were born and serves as a cosmic map or navigational device for your journey on earth. Astrology offers a completely unique and profound perspective, revealing how the planets intersects with our lives from birth and throughout our journey. The Birth chart shows how the planets are uniquely arranged against the backdrop of the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 12 areas of human experience that are called zodiac houses. It is encoded with your personality characteristics, life’s patterns, cycles, and soul’s intentions. It also shows the timing of your personal development, transformation, and growth. The Natal Chart provides a holistic view of the personality, and it provides important lessons to be learned in this incarnation for all those who take into account previous lives, and the evolutionary path of the soul.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are a database where is stored the whole life experience of every human being. It is a vibrational frequency that you can access to get the information you will need in your journey.

Each galaxy, planet, stone, object, plant, animal has its own Akashic Record which contains the recording of its evolutionary memory, as well as with  the human beings, and their "Book of Life" that contains every incarnations he/she passed through.
Also, the records contain information about the karma of the individual, his family, the nature of his personal evolutionary path, and the karmic connections that bind him to other human beings, as well as the soul contract he/she signed before becoming incarnated.
Through a channeling work, we have the opportunity to address directly to our Masters, our Spiritual Guides, our Beloved once to ask them to open our Records and help us to have some clear answers.
For example, a consultation could be useful to understand which is our true purpose, or what is the origin of difficult relationships, obstacles, or the meaning beyond a situation we are facing in a proper way.With the Akashic records you can ask me questions and get an answer on what you need to work on,  in order to overcome another step in your long evolutionary ladder.

An astro-shamanic session is a deep dive into your soul, combining Astrology, Alchemy and Shamanic access to the different layers of dimensions stored in your Natal Chart. Sessions are approx. 1 hour long and they put the energy of your Natal Chart in motion. The planets are not interpreted but become alive through music, rituals and body work in order to connect to your Chart on a deeper level and release deeper energetic conflicts.

Giorgia Pecora is a teacher of Astrology, an experienced trainer, a psychological astrologer and Akashic Record Reader. She founded the holistic project 'Door of Lotus'. She has been studying astrology for 5 years and she is currently offering astroyoga workshops and astrological courses and self-development of different levels in Berlin. You could find more information about her at the website:

In order to work with Astrology and Astro-shamanic treatment it is necessary to know at what time you were born.