*Feeling Colours

Rita is a pioneer and expert in colours and their effect on human beings.

She has been teaching and working with "Feeling Colours", the method
she has developed for almost 28 years.
Her mission is to make people feel their own light and remind them to be aware of themselves and the colours of their clothes. She helps women, men and children to find their own authentic colours and to be in contact with their soul and their unique energy.

Rita invites you to a new experience - feeling colours with closed eyes without knowing what colour you are feeling. With some colours you feel very comfortable and relaxed. Your breath goes deep, you feel free. You feel your presence and your greatness, your voice is clear. With other colours you feel small, depressed or tense. You will feel your instability and sometimes your voice will be occupied ...... .

For many people, "Feeling Colours" is an experience that changes their life lastingly in the direction of self-love, strength, joie de vivre and charisma.

Live love laugh and shine - in your authentic colours.

For more informations look here www.farbenfuehlen.de