*Soul Embodiment Session


Soul Embodiment Sessions with energetic intuitive Christina Valeska meet you right at the threshold of your longing for a deeper and vibrantly alive connection with your Soul.
Energetic psycho-emotional body work and Trauma release activate energies that support you where you feel stuck or in unfavourable repetitive patterns in your life. Energetic blockages may show up as physical symptoms in your body and/or challenging emotions that already utter your Soul´s calling for loving awareness, integration and change.  Soul Embodiment Session initiate the self empowering concious inner steps towards embodying your Soul´s unique expression of Love. According to each individual rhe energetic session may involve Soulbased choaching, body work, touch, movement and breathwork.

Christina Valeska has always been fascinated by the uniqueness of people and has awakened a great interest in all holistic approaches that bring people into their power and let their authentic expression come to the fore. Inspired by the strong desire to explore life, she embarked on an intensive path of self-awareness at an early age, which has taken her to many distant countries. Retreats, trainings and work as a naturopath, Yoga therapist and teacher, Ayurveda therapist, womens retreat facilitator, as well as specialization in Trauma release, therapeutic-bodywork, intuitive energy work and Human Design followed. And so she has been grateful for more than 20 years to accompany people on their very individual path to truly embody their Soul.

Please come as you are. Choose a light meal on the day of your Session, wear some comfortable and strechtable clothes and bring a smal towel, thank you.