*Tantric Masculinity Session

Tantric coaching sessions with Chris offer a here-and-now encounter with yourself that aims to help you make peace with your masculine side.  
His coaching is supportive for men who are interested in exploring what it means to feel fully comfortable to be in a men’s body; as well as women who also want to tap into their own masculine energy and focus on their relationship to men in general.
If you feel the call, connect with Chris. Explore those topics together in energetic alignment through methods of life coaching, tantric-healing, forgiveness and a deeper understanding.

Chris sees himself as a holistic solution seeker. As a loving friend, advisor, healer and authentic mediator, his goal is to help people become their own solution. With his holistic approach, Chris dissolves mental boundaries - for himself and others. This often creates space in encounters to unfold unused potential. Diversity could also by the headline for his vita. Chris combines, serious higher business education, followed by Consultancy and management positions, with specific training and work experience as an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, coaching-training, energetic healer, regression therapist, kinesiologist, tantric teacher and hypnosis therapist. Since 2014, he has been directing his entire energy towards supporting people on their way to their very own solution.

For the session, it is like Nirvana sang: come as you are.