*CANTIENICA® body in evolution & Energy healing

CANTIENICA® body in evolution is a posture and movement concept based on therapeutic best-practice and anatomical precision. In short, it is bone intelligence: all bones are aligned and stretched according to the original blueprint of the human body. The pelvis is the foundation for a relaxed upright posture and a healthy spine. By perfectly aligning the pelvis and spine, strength, flexibility and stamina are yielded by training the deepest muscle layers which improves the shape and posture extremely fast and effectively. Most importantly, this is essential for highly efficient therapeutic bodywork.

I will offer the following at the Agape Zoe Festival 2022:
• CANTIENICA® pelvic floor training
• CANTIENICA® back training
• CANTIENICA® power training
• CANTIENICA® faceforming/head training
• CANTIENICA® walking/running training for everyday life and sports
• CANTIENICA® in yoga

There are numerous ailments that can be prevented, alleviated or entirely healed. These include:

• Incorrect postures of all kinds i.e., scoliosis, flat/hollow back, hunched back, pelvic misalignment, leg length difference, bandy legs, knock knees
• Consequences of incorrect posture and muscle weakness i.e., arthrosis, deformation or arthrosis of the hip joints, osteoporosis, joint complaints, slipped disc, lumbago/sciatica syndrome, ISG syndrome, neck complaints, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscular tension, diffuse pain
• Organ prolapses, abdominal pain, vaginismus/painful sex, slackening of the pelvic floor musculature, vaginal slackening, orgasm problems/impotence
• Incontinence (bladder, bowel), haemorrhoids, enlarged prostate
• Abdominal separation (diastasis recti), hernias
• Foot deformations i.e., hallux valgus, flat feet, splay feet, pigeon toes, hammer toes; heel spur
• Knee complaints, damaged meniscus
• Sports injuries
• Lymphedema
• Menstrual complaints and menopausal symptoms
• Depression

CANTIENICA® head training is a guide to self-healing for:

• Recurrent migraine and tension headaches
• Neck and shoulder tension
• Tinnitus
• Teeth grinding
• Snoring
• Arthrosis of the neck vertebrae
• Jaw joint problems
• Arthrosis of the jaw joints
• Wryneck syndrome (torticollis)
• Whiplash injuries
• Forehead and sinus pain
• Facial paralysis i.e., after a surgery, a stroke or Lyme’s disease

CANTIENICA® faceforming is a guide book for your face in the aesthetic sense. Face-lifting using muscle power means looking fresher, firmer and more charismatic. Learn how to mobilize your skull bones and become aware of its entire musculature. The exercises align your head, strengthen the muscles that support your head, interconnect the entire head musculature and tauten your facial muscles – in an ultra-delicate and precise manner.

Please bring  your mat and wear comfortable form fitting clothes to enable me to visually assess your body alignment. Semi-private and bigger groups are also welcome.

Anastasia is an internationally certified CANTIENICA® body in evolution and yoga instructor as well as a sports and health trainer. Applying the CANTIENICA® method as an integral foundation, she tailors each session to meet the specific therapeutic and aesthetic needs of her clients. Trained in Germany, India and Switzerland, Anastasia also has over 10 years of experience practicing energy healing.