The Flowery Chat is a moment for yourself to receive tools to help release tension and psychological as well as physical ailments through yoga, breathing, psychosomatic, empathic communication and flower essence therapy. 
Included in the meeting 30 is your bottle of Bach Flowers.
Arianna, a certified teacher of Hatha Yoga and Meditation and Anukalana Yoga, attended the Learning Love Training with Krishnananda and Amana, working on the inner child and our emotional wounds.
She's passionate about Kirtan, Hawaiian chants and sacred dances, Bach Flowers, psychosomatics, empathic communication ... and vegetarian cuisine.
Since 2010 she accompanies Igor in his  harmonic singing seminars, adding a humorous and devotional vein and a little bit of healthy movement.
At festivals she offers "Become a Star - Yoga to LIve Music". Arianna has a wonderful soft and positive approach to yoga, filled with wisdom and experience and "Blossom" a coaching session to get emotional and physical support through useful tools like breathing and mindfulness and a Bach flowers mix prepared on the spot.